How Jealous Can I Make My Boyfriend In 24 Hours! (Challenge)

Ryan and Danielle

Ryan and Danielle

203мянга. үзсэн тоо93

    In 24 hours I did everything I possibly could to make my boyfriend as jealous as it he can get. You can be the judge!
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    Todays Video - How Jealous Can I Make My Boyfriend In 24 Hours! (Challenge)

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    1. Ryan and Danielle

      "banger" merch coming in a week!! like this comment if you are excited💥

      1. Prodigy 101

        Have we not notice that out of everyone in that house kollin has done the intro best in that house beside the ogs

      2. Zahraa Ismail

        You should guys do the pregnant for 24 horns

      3. Oprah Nelson

        I am bruh.

      4. Genevieve Girl

        Pls do the fainting prank or not waking up prank

      5. Iris Garcia

        This was one of the best pranks ever 😂

    2. Gopinath B.R

      Actually "RANI" means princess in my language😂😍 love u guys

    3. MinuteMouse YT

      Damn Dani stop pranking ryan he doesn’t deserve it....

    4. YNW Mitae

      When someone wakes me up 🤬🤬👿👿👿

    5. Ashley

      11:15 awww 🥺

    6. Photo Graphy

      Ryan's expression I cant💀😂😂

    7. Lungchuipou Gonmei

      Ryan is the coolest guy I've ever seen in internet! Am straight... Not gay though..

    8. Anna Neprawskey


    9. Anna Neprawskey

      danielle: "do you wanna go on tinder and find some?" ryan: *pikachu face intensifies*

    10. Anna Neprawskey

      omgggg the new intro slaps !!!!! good job u guys

    11. ava Alex

      Watching y'all for the 1st time U guys are sooooo cutteee 😍 Annnnddd u just got another subscribbeerr

    12. Bushra Rahman

      Ryan is so cute😭 I lowkey want him

    13. student Bria Pete

      Kollin cant even keep his eyes off the tv

    14. Samer Ahmed

      aww i feel so bad for him

    15. Courtney Bulla

      I love you guys so much I always watch through the ads just for you guys and now also for buttercup🥰😍

    16. Julian Camacho

      5:50. When your bro forgets about the prank and wants to play some COD frfr😂😂👍

    17. Ravi Ares

      Legit such a nice guy usually guys would be mad after this but he was legit just so mature

    18. pia nime

      Y not subs to help everyone

    19. Karen Rivera

      The is cute when Ryan tell he best friend do not let any guy touch her

    20. Sarah Grotberg

      Aww he got so worried when they didn't come home on time

    21. Sarah Grotberg

      It is so cute how he was like "don't let anyone touch her"

    22. emily wolfy


    23. Isis Olivarez

      He is such an overprotective with sweet boyfriend so sweet you're lucky

    24. M&MBear

      *When you hear your mom saying she's going to McDonald's* 9:09

    25. Camila Gorricho

      im sorry but kollin is like rly cute

    26. jai Mata di


    27. Samantha Fillié

      Between me and my boyfriend, I’m the more jealous one. Especially when he was out with his friends on time. I kept on asking him with who he was...And after 15 times.....he got pissed off and told me I should stop and go get some sleep...

    28. gargi dutta

      Am i the only one who noticed that ryan was looking at the camera

      1. grg claryR

        Nah I noticed it too and was checking if anyone else noticed XD Just innocent theories: •he saw it and didn't think it was recording cause as a youtuber they have a good amount of cameras laying around •he could have seen it but thought it was just his own mind playing tricks cause he literally had just woken up [Just don't wanna start thinking it's fake 🤪🤪🤪🤪] 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    29. Vibe Elida

      "Do not let anyone touch her" thats so cute🥺🥺

    30. AntoX

      Fake as fck . Nice acting tho

      1. Lama Trouble

        AntoX it’s not fake

    31. Numa Zarifyar

      Ryan: Who's go a bod babe? Danielle: Nobody don't worry about it. You do obvi. Ryan: thank you

    32. Zairah Naz

      Whenever ryan looked at him at the beginning it cracked me up...... 7:10 he was going out of his way to get something from the store then she like colin can go his face after i felt so bad 14:48 his face

    33. Bread Jin

      I honestly feel so bad for Ryan getting woken up for this 😂😂

    34. Wynter Brooks

      Ryan is so "wtf" every five minutes

    35. aliya al-s

      I love the silent bro code nudges and looks

    36. nawaal boorany

      Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww 🤗

    37. Sharafynna Shahid

      “ Seriously, or you’re deadass”

    38. Sharafynna Shahid

      Kolin is cute...

    39. lojine hany

      srsly Ryan's reactions are priceless i can't stop laughing but at the same time i'm like *poor Ryan* i love you sooooo much thanks for this prank dani kollin: i was protecting her

    40. Lilia Amy

      Ryan is so in love with her

    41. Ray Vetkos

      11:12 HE LOVES YOU So MUCH like eh bfegfhrfgvsaurgfuhvnabv AHHHH

    42. Bundi Lian

      Your sleeping times are so weird

    43. single vibes

      if my girl did that... insta breakup

    44. Ruby Phire Starr

      The way he gripped his controller u can kinda tell his a bit mad/jealous

    45. LaDaja Boyer

      HE ACKS just like SPIDERMAN❤❤❤

    46. LaDaja Boyer

      ryan is so nice and your tearing his heart apart😢😂 like how he is so protective that he called is bestfriend❤💕

    47. Persia Crowe

      I wish she did it forr longer

    48. Livi Lee

      3:54 aww that face lol! You guys are so cute!

    49. jada

      Did you edit ur intro with Video Star??? 😍😍

    50. Lilly Südmeier

      I do not like him

    51. SoyLuna Mar

      Their friend is so cute

    52. Frankie agresti

      This was weird to watch cause my names Frankie and I’m a girl sooo......

    53. Naomi Joy

      Ryan is so cute and caring everyone needs a boyfriend like him!!

    54. Ari Mcelveen

      The fact that Ryan stayed up that long for Danielle shows how much he lives her.... He was even looking out the hole in the door to see if she was coming 😭😭😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖literally goals

      1. Melody Omoruyi

        Loves* 🥰

    55. MIkiya Townsend

      You guys are great people and ya'll pranks are the bomb.. i bought some of ya'll merch ya'll have the best merchandise i have ever seen

    56. Lizzy Carter

      Is buttercup’s channel in the description I didn’t see it

    57. Alice ReneWorld

      Aww I felt so bad for him throughout the video

    58. Alva Westerlund


    59. Suci Maharani

      I wanna have a husband like u Ryan😌

    60. Bree Hairston

      I want a Ryan 😭 I swear. He's like so patient and protective in a way that isn't possessive and sweet 😂😭😍