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    Sharpen your knives and come to attention because class is in session! Join chef Frank Proto from the Institute of Culinary Education as he shares a comprehensive look at slicing fruits both large and small, from the tough to the exceedingly tender. Watch Frank peel, dice, hammer, and chop his way across the produce aisle and learn the skills you need to slice any fruit your sweet tooth desires.

    00:00 Intro
    00:40 Grapes
    01:01 Strawberry
    01:30 Fig
    01:57 Plum
    02:27 Lime
    02:46 Lemon
    03:18 Kiwi Berry
    03:38 Longan
    04:07 Gooseberry
    04:26 Prickly Pear
    04:52 Star Fruit
    05:12 Rambutan
    05:44 Passion Fruit
    06:01 Mandarin Orange
    06:16 Persimmon
    06:45 Pepino Melon
    07:15 Quince
    08:01 Cherimoya
    08:23 Apple
    08:46 Dragonfruit
    09:23 Avocado
    10:32 Peach
    11:11 Pomegranate
    11:46 Orange
    12:18 Yellow Plantain
    13:03 Green Plantain
    13:51 Mango
    15:12 Grapefruit
    15:55 Durian
    16:48 Papaya
    17:41 Pineapple
    19:12 Cantaloupe
    20:00 Pomelo
    20:46 Pumpkin
    21:21 Honeydew
    22:03 Watermelon

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    How To Slice Every Fruit | Method Mastery | Epicurious

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    1. Vile

      Longans are like grapes with there skin pealed and how I know is cus I pealed a grape before before I eat my grapes I peal them

    2. Vile

      Um is it weird for me to eat limes and lemons as a Snack

    3. Kim Namjoon

      but, who the heck wants to slice a grape

    4. Angelo Natividad

      Dragonfruit is the definition of being beautiful inside and out.

    5. Iceey7

      Watermelon is a VEGETABLE

    6. poatto- duc

      Why are we eating wrappers?

    7. Sarcasm

      MNsel recomendations are truly a gift from god

    8. Mcat Maya

      RIP to annoying orange and his friendz

    9. joeski75

      Ok so umm Where is guava?

    10. Hanifa Kamaly

      They make the fruits so complicated now I’m confused😂

    11. vibez excel

      They forgot cherries

    12. Cliff Ma

      don´t you feel it is very satisfying when he cut the fruits.

    13. Navilyღ

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="632">10:32</a> Ahhh yes...One of JennaMarbles' dogs

    14. Tobias Manuel

      who do people peel apples? that‘s so unnecessary

    15. Claudia McCoy

      I have never heard of or eaten half of these fruits. Now that I learned there’s so many fruits, I realize I am nowhere near living life to the fullest😂

    16. Jordan Nye

      I'll admit it - I watched this video specifically for Mango, but was really happy to find the mystery fruit I couldn't get enough of in Central America! It was Passion Fruit!

    17. Big poppa Pump

      The 🐐

    18. dina dina

      Dont open rambutan like that. More easy without knife.

    19. Akum Mapu

      How Did I get here I Was Watching Jojo's Bizzare Adventure

    20. she can stomp on me

      When the chef was tapping the pomegranate it sounded like somwone getting killed in minecraft

    21. Dubz Yellow Boy

      Where’s the tomato?

    22. Velocity Launch systems

      Why is their a hammer

    23. Erjin Son

      i clicked this bc i was curious and the way i smiled when i saw it was frank-

    24. Jessica Tjiong

      his slice is soo addicting 🤷🏻‍♀️

    25. Creeper


    26. MRBUBBLES 247280

      i didn’t see a banana

    27. Kareen Kalani

      I feel like they’re making the audience sounds as annoying as possible just to get more comments

    28. Chatting Chap

      i eat the whole strawberry stalk and all

    29. Can I get 1000 subs with no content?

      I have once again fallen deep into MNsel's random recommendations. Please send help

    30. Azura DragonFaether


    31. HamzxhZq

      this is very nice but where the devil fruit?

    32. xXGacha&PupsXx ;P

      Next to the time is the fruit’s name

    33. The Kris P. Chicken God

      Use me as the * the inside of the dragon fruit looks like a cookies and cream hersheys bar * button

    34. Yang Moua

      No no no. This is Clickbait obviously. It doesn't have the ultimate fruit.. *THE TOMATO.*

    35. Richmond Arellano

      I mastered cutting fruits from fruit ninja, but hey you're doing a pretty good job yourself! A bit slow though...

    36. Trickygamez

      That crowd effects are so cringe

    37. Alan Yammine

      There are like millions of different types of oranges, and they can't all be cut the same way, so there are really much more efficient ways of cutting them. Plus when you cut the orange, start from he tip, not the middle, you're just wasting a lot of it the way he cuts it.

    38. Ajar 632

      I feel bad for all the fruits I feel connected to them for some reason maybe because there all bland like me😭😭😰🤧

    39. sunny_

      i'm just sitting here not knowing what over half these fruits are like 👁👄👁

    40. Tama Putra

      you can only pinch it to open rambutan

    41. Gacha Faith

      the pomegranate made me think about 'NO POMEGRANATES!!!! NO NO NO POMEGRANATESSS!!!!!!'

    42. Heidi Black

      I'd say the dragon fruit is my favorite! Love everything about it!

    43. Joe Huang

      Watch these vids at 1.5 or 2x speed. Thank me later

    44. The Hispanic One

      Weres the coconut

    45. Tawai Macpherson

      Thanks for telling me how to cut a grape

    46. triggered krab

      Me at 10PM: "Just 1 more video and I'll go to sleep." Me at 2AM: *How to cut a grape.*

    47. Admin F.a.

      Where is jackfruit man

    48. UmbralHero

      Wow that laugh track is infuriating

    49. Popcorn Sheep

      Thats cool and all but Who asked?

    50. WildOwen13

      Did I just spent around 23 minutes watching this man cut fruit, yes I did

    51. The Louisiana life

      *all fruits (and pumpkin) were harmed in the making of this video*

    52. hello hello

      I just want to say y’all are overreacting about the “audience” like yeah definitely not the best editing choice but it’s not taking away from us educating ourselves on how to cut fruit over quarantine 😂

    53. Live long And prosperous

      You forgot necteriens

    54. Jasper Griffin

      Why on earth am I watching a 23 and a half minute video about how to cut fruit???

    55. newrev9er

      This chef's instructions were so clear and his personality is so great that I like the video *despite* the editor's best efforts to ruin it.

    56. Subnuka

      I’m simple, I see frank, I click

    57. J_Fleet 783

      Frank: professional at anything Also Frank : holding hammer wrong

    58. Patrick Star


    59. TheUltimateBanana

      The Gordon Ramsey way is safer

    60. Esteban Gomez Galindo

      Strawberries aren't fruits

    61. Sub to me And I’ll sub to you

      That couldn’t have been every fruit right? I thaught there were thousands

    62. Corabeth Peck

      Bruh he just called a Banana a Yellow plantain, ik it is like the proper name or whatever, BUT WHY

    63. Aishwarya Siva

      Never knew these many edible fruits existed . Awesome 🔥

    64. TurquoiseKrayon

      i think the most important thing i got from this video was that a pumpkin is a fruit

    65. lul.shortyy 31

      Thats me when I was 8 cutting fruit pretending to make a MNsel video 😂😂

    66. Muhammad Faiz

      Nobody: Me: watching this at 2 am.

    67. matteo villaruel

      Why is there separate names like yellow plantain or green plantain? Banana is banana

    68. Ehab Peepo han


    69. -Nanceh -

      20M people: *_interesting_*

    70. Morgan Inches

      Chef: I'm gonna show you how to slice every fruit Also Chef: (Orange) Yeah, I usually just peel it and take apart the pieces. That's all you need to do.


      Um guys that is not all the fruits in the world

    72. daily scoop

      People who eat babies that live in there basement watching this video: 👁👄👁 how do u cut up babies 👶

    73. JudeAli Alhoori

      2020 in quarantine how to cut fruits 🍉 🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍌🍇🍓🍈🍒🥭🍍🥥😂😂

    74. T W

      apricot, raspberry, blueberry, banana, nectarine, cherry, coconut, guava, lychee, olives, rhubarb, durian????

      1. faldostick123

        Who cuts a berry/banana

    75. Awallukyta Krisnata Putra

      CIPLUKAN founded

    76. Karla’s Gacha Story 254

      I’m eating fruit skittles as I’m watching

    77. dewi puspita sari

      I dont know ya why pumpkin in Indonesia its different with pumpkin in europe

    78. dewi puspita sari

      Nanas nya msh bnyk matanya dh jd gatel lidah gw

    79. dewi puspita sari

      Wht!!!!! Durian like onion and feet oh my god durian is really delicous and sweet

    80. Lil Luc

      Whoever edited this video, get out