Hydro Dipping Crocs Again With A Small Amount Of Redemption But Not Really



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    1. Taryn Hermanson

      Please turn your whole body glow in the dark make it ~*WORK*~ for you beetch

    2. Austin

      Jenna you need a top coat to finish the paint, it will hold it on so it doesn’t chip off!!!! It’s like spray paint too it’s made for keeping the paint on :)

    3. Till Lindemann

      Русские тут?

    4. Brittany O'Reilly

      Love that their starsigns swapped @ 7:15

    5. Co ol

      My mom found that glow in the dark spray paint and literally sprayed all the light switches in our house with it😂

    6. theBeastcub

      Next time scrub them with warm soapy water first, there is a release agent spayed into the molds the shoes are cast from, any residue left of it on the shoes very much will repel the likes of paint or glue (*also does crafts with croc-type shoes)

    7. jack ryan

      you should look back on what's your underwear means from the 30yrd old pov lol

    8. BanjoVEVOTV_YT_Gaming Official

      I know this is late but Jenna made XBOX crocks.

    9. Sophia Piersall

      in the spirit of this redemption video theme.... i would nut you see you actually make that fucking jeans chair work

    10. abi summers

      mnsel.info/video/video/08Oqx6Cff5KumnI.html ^^^great video that gives some good tips for hydrodipping if you ever want to try again, fren! also, some spray sealant or sealer never hurts to add on top to prevent flakiness :) cool shoes though, they look rad. plus i love the glow in the dark! it makes me so happy to see how excited you are to see them glow :D thanks for all the fun videos!!

    11. Onearmedmechanic

      I've been away for a long time but I'm back. Missed you

    12. whosrobert

      Omg Jenna I haven’t watched one of your vids in yeaaars just cus idk why, no real reason and I decided to look you up today and it made me happy knowing that you’re still the same you! You haven’t changed one bit, even your pic is the same 🤣 that’s awesome!

    13. Ashley Jonalynn

      If you seal them they won’t peel

    14. Kylie Smith

      you need mod podge to prevent it from flaking

    15. Unidentified stranger

      Next video: "Hydro Dipping A Hydroflask"

    16. Kitten Galaxy :3

      Rub the crocs with sandpaper before you paint them so it sticks better I hope you read this

    17. AnnaCatVideos _

      You should put glow in the dark stuff in your makeup then put on the makeup and start yelling HELL YEAH

    18. Becky Chill

      alcohol inks maybe????

    19. Abdul Williams

      Lol u just gotta put a sealant on them

    20. Kir Bug

      Next do your nails like this! Marble nails.

    21. Pricklybunny 718

      Somebody call Marko

    22. Shoto Todoroki

      I think its because the croc is too smooth, if you sandpapered it I think it could work. (Maybe idk, I’ve never hydrodipped crocs)

    23. Larry Savage

      20m OMG

    24. Emily Patel

      Kermit go on ellen

    25. KeepingUpWithGaby

      Use an acrylic finisher next time

    26. ashbelly97

      Now you needa make yourself some goth crocs

    27. lucy ossi

      since jennas channel consists of crocs, i dare her to make ~crocenstocks~ (where you cut the crocs into birkenstocks)

    28. Victoria Dickens

      Please spray more stuff glow in the dark

    29. Mimi Thus

      Kermit was on Ellen today! He was in a meme on the video from 19 nov.

    30. Maleiah Zavaglia

      3:59 looks like the portal thing from rick and morty

    31. Kaya .Hogan

      I think this would work better and last if she used a primmer

    32. love cat

      Боже я нашла своего кумира!

    33. RaZe_ Moka

      3rd video?? Of water dipping

    34. Peyton Scott

      you should spray it with some sort of sealant after dipping, to prevent the chipping. Thirds Times The Charm! ;)

    35. Gunning King

      You need spray paint on a white base coat before you dip them.

    36. Skylar Laidman

      Try putting a seal on them they sell in with the spray point at most stores it will keep the from cracking

    37. Yasmine Afifi

      Do a whole video of just spray painting random items glow in the dark

    38. sharshey

      i feel like you need to prep the surface with some kinda texture spray and then also seal them

    39. Jade Frost

      8:19 when my mom talks about my brother then at 8:21 when she talks about me

    40. kim hilderbrand

      Please Marko help Jenna out

    41. Brinst

      Jenna is just amazing

    42. Abby Morrison

      Needs a primer honey!! You can do this

    43. Jystice

      Babe you got to seal it in with the clear coat. Its like a nice thick glossy taco! It keeps your crocs looking fab

    44. Sierra Scott

      you gotta put some kind of top coat on it maybe?

    45. Alexandra Sutika

      Dude. When they glowed in the dark I was so jacked.

    46. kathy liu

      12:58 Julian trying to get out of the friend zone. Solid effort

    47. Bia Santos

      Jennaaa try nail polish works! ❤️

    48. Leeanna Breyette

      Please find more things to dip it’s so fun to watch

    49. Murry Moon

      Try enamel spray paint. The kind of paint that adheres to cars. Should stay on!

    50. Lyssa’s Vibes

      You could of possibly used sand paper beforehand to make texture for the paint to stick to

    51. Lauren Weber

      There were glow in the dark crocs (they were limited edition, and I have them) they are amazing and came with a black light! I love crocs sm!

    52. peytonmae_vt

      when jenna has 728273 pairs of crocs honestly i wish

    53. Walrus Rider

      Is it possible they need some kind of base coat??

    54. Jem Huddsan


    55. Uncle Shaun

      U can hydro dip with nail polish

    56. Renata Almeida

      You may not read this. The result is lovely but crocs are non-porous material, that’s why it doesn’t stick correctly. My tip is to use a primer as a base and after it dries, hydro dipping them ;) love you both

    57. N Campbell

      Less is more ahaha 😂

    58. cassie starcher

      Dude I love AC/DC. I NEED that sweatshirt 😍

    59. Joe Xa

      Stupid vid

    60. Hannah Simpson

      Next video: I spray painted my house glow in the dark