Hydro Dipping Crocs Again With A Small Amount Of Redemption But Not Really



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    1. Grace Kim

      It needs primer

    2. nicole

      julien the entire video: ooh that looks sick

    3. Azzareo

      Has no one told Jenna about primer and sealer??

    4. Amber Pants

      There's hair dye that changes color depending on how hot it is. Do with that what you will

    5. Brooke Chase

      Jenna in the first vid: I don’t like the try dye croc Jenna in this vid:WEARING THE CROCKS 😂

    6. Sierra Schmidt

      "Why are you crying ? We're just in here lookin at my crocs."

    7. Sierra Schmidt

      I'm so proud of you frfr

    8. Sierra Schmidt

      You talked smack about tie dye crocs in the first hydro dipping video and now YoU WeARiN tHeM SIs lol

    9. tonight's big loser

      Rockstar games presents: Croc Dip Redemption

    10. Sarah Scrichfield

      Ok, ok, they say bird toys, but hear me out... dog crocs. www.amazon.com/dp/B07NQM3Y8Y/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_i_4-ZZEbFV2K575

    11. Anne Elizabeth Knicely

      jenna you better have saved that mask

    12. Maria Amato

      We need that “let’s spray paint everything glow in the dark video”

    13. Maria Amato

      I need glow in the dark cros .. doing .. now..

    14. Felicity Johnson


    15. Trinity Rayne

      Video idea: prank julien by spraying random things around the house glow in the dark and let him figure it all out at night

    16. OnlyThe Best

      Didn’t she throw shade at the tie dye crocs. Then bought them?

    17. Isabella Hernandez

      Can you make more of these

    18. Rochelle Whitfield

      I sit like that goo Jenna. lol. I am 34. Very FLEXY

    19. Crissy Sims

      Wait... what about the ones she's wearing thru the vid ??

    20. Adrienne

      I’m glad Jenna was prepared with a mask.

    21. Nora Tumberg

      little did we know those masks would soon be a major (but necessary) annoyance in everyone’s lives

    22. Miranda L.


    23. Bluenderd

      Hydro dip Kermit

    24. Reagan Wiedenfeld

      Idk what it is about Jenna but if I ever feel off I watch her and feel normal

    25. Kay Man

      "Alone at a Rave" BAND NAME, CALLED IT!

    26. Joie 168

      what if u just sprayed them directly

    27. Morgan Ouren

      Can you please hydro dip marbles

    28. Andi Wilson

      You want some acrylic pouring inspiration? mnsel.info/video/video/scmusH25gIZmi5Q.html

    29. Kaydance Olm

      Little does she know that her mask is going to see A LOT more than spray paint....

    30. Stephen Shea

      Jenna was wearing masks before it was socially responsible and required.

    31. Zeta Alpha

      I guess crocs just don’t wanna be hydrodipped

    32. Ruthieルシ •

      You should use sandpaper on them before hand so it has a texture for the paint to stick to.

    33. Morgan Sapp

      Having glow in the dark glasses would me fucking amazing if you're blind like me and can't find your glasses at night!

    34. Hanna TJ

      Jenna pls make a too much 👖 tutorial

    35. Edna K

      I sit like that all of the time! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="475">7:55</a>

    36. Silly Kitten

      Next time you should try watermarbling them with nail polish

    37. Olivia Tyner

      Jenna, have you considered painting modge podge on the crocs? No idea if it would really work, but I've used it on cosplay pieces before, and it really does the trick on cardboard, foam, and clay

    38. Maddy Fox

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="416">6:56</a> sums up red dead redemption perfectly

    39. Snøflaké

      I love how Jenna started dancing when the Crocs glowed

    40. Snøflaké


    41. fweetfweet 69

      There should be a spray paint specifically for crocs

    42. GASSD6

      you need to put a top coat on top of the paint so it seals

    43. C Rector

      The second dip on the first croc looked like it had hotwheels flames

    44. eric waters

      Great video. Have you ever heard of Never Wet, by Rustoleum? I think that you would be just the person to make this stuff entertaining- hilarious

    45. Kyra M.

      A concept: clear spray painting top of hydro dip.

    46. GD Caleb

      Here are some suggestions: use rustoleum enamel spray paint, use primer before dipping, dip it and once it dries out a clear coat so it stays

    47. uncle potatoe

      "I cAnNoT bE sToPeD!" Not even by the gray potatoe?XD

    48. Wheres theovenmit

      you should make a video of spraypainting stuff GLOW IN THE DARK

    49. ThatOneWeeb

      Hydro dip Kermit's feet

    50. Robonson Rhys

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="493">08:13</a>

    51. AmiAshHeart

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> i died I literally died

    52. donghae

      that tiny clip of cermet barking in the beginning is SENDING ME

    53. Mikki Behner

      You have to cover them with a clear coat!

    54. ella josephine

      ok but why does jenna give me chaotic bisexual energy

    55. Daria Lakhtikova

      This just reminds me of Simply Nailogical struggling to water marble her nails.

    56. Mercedes Roth

      Watching this has made me realize that Jenna is my anxiety when it comes time to write a paper that’s due in an hour & obviously I must do Too Much to compensate for doing nothing for a month

    57. Mercedes Roth

      Watching this has made me realize that Jenna is my anxiety when it comes time to write a paper that’s due in an hour & obviously I must do Too Much to compensate for doing nothing for a month

    58. amanda basinger

      why didn't crocs use this video as their new ad?

    59. Kaitlyn Fischer

      Thats the only way i sit on the floor then my foot goes to sleep and i cant stand up

    60. Rei Hitchens


    61. SNZM


    62. Katelyn Kelso

      you can sand the crocs lol

    63. Rose Burton

      My nana once bout glow in the dark glasses but didn't know.... she got a bit of a fright when she woke up in the middle of the night and saw eyes staring at her.

    64. Audrey Berry

      Take fine sand paper to the surface before you dip so it holds better and use a hair dryer to dry completely between dips

    65. Kristie Foote

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> for the win

    66. Opie

      Once I had crocs that changed color in the sun. They started out as a semi clear light greenish color but when you stepped out into the sun they turned purple and I thought I was the coolest child ever

    67. Gerardo Rodriguez

      Water Marble Witch

    68. Kittikat4124

      I like that she bought the tye dye crocs even though she said she didnt like them last time


      She should hydro dip her head.

    70. Tetyaaa *

      mnsel.info/video/video/qsiz2ZvWe5tugZQ.html drawing

    71. Your Superficial Friend

      You should hydro dip clown makeup onto your face

    72. Alex Bianchi

      Jenna. Crocs are waterproof, so the paint won't stick, they're not absorbive. The videos you saw were done on fabric shoes for a reason, fabric would absorb and be stained by the paint. Your Crocs are beautiful but they'll keep flaking off since the Croc won't absorb the paint

    73. Steven Lindsey

      They look like a a clown shit on them.

    74. Galaxy The Fox

      Try priming the crocs if you do it again. Try Hydrodipping a hydroflask!!!

    75. Courtney Mirlisena

      i love how she’s wearing the tie dye crocs that she said she didn’t like in the first video😂

    76. Daniella Valle-Ramos

      thoughts from a bath but it’s you canoeing back and forth in your pool

    77. Abbie Maitland

      Can someone please tell Jenna about spray Sealant???

    78. Talley Gill

      Sand down the crocs first

    79. Apex Burner

      Where do you get your OIL BASED spray paint. I want to do this for my birthday and I can’t find much online.

    80. Snøflaké

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="543">9:03</a> I'm evil for laughing