Laura Lee

Laura Lee

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    Hey Larlees, todays video is me glamming my mom giving her a makeover. She is amazing wonderful and beautiful. Thumbs up for my mom on my channel! - Laura

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    1. Marie FLO

      I said concealer the way you do Laura lee...

    2. Jessica Sande

      She is SO SWEET🥰😍

    3. Courtney Adams

      Omg I loveee your mama! She reminds me of my nana Jo Anne that raised me, she just passed in june from breast cancer. My parents had me young, and my nana and aunt stepped up to raise me. I miss her so much, so this was refreshing to be reminded of her so much. ❤️

    4. Zoids Zu

      Is her dad caucasian?

    5. Tracey Doyle

      Your mum has beautiful skin. She’s so cute.

    6. Vicki Davis

      Loved it. Just now watching this. Hope your mom is good. Love Y'all.

    7. Cynthia Tures

      Awe!! I love the relationship you and your mom have!! Cherish every moment of it!! 😉

    8. Michelle Bolieiro

      She's so cute.so sweet

    9. Alijaz Bumby

      I miss my mom

    10. Patriot Angel

      I loved this video Lauralee! You are so sweet to your momma! 🥰💄💋xoxo Cherish this time and memories you are making for her....

    11. Rayleen Richards

      Love your mama!! Should definitely bring her back you guys have a wonderful relationship That's amazing.

    12. Aaron Helms

      This is so funny, my mom's name is Alice Faye! She goes by Faye, and my grandmother's name was Margie.

    13. Tylor Rhino

      I love the videos with your mom ❤ bless her she reminds me of my nan so much

    14. Joyce Anderson

      Love your sweet momma!❤️

    15. Brigida Olmsted


    16. Sierra Occorso

      I honestly love your momma an of course you but she has such a great personality! I see my mom an I in you two lol were so close an I can tell you two are to!

    17. Katie Caldarella

      It doesnt consil it conceals

    18. Charlene Brown

      Your mom is bomb. Thus coming from Alabama also 😀😎

    19. Catherine Kaiser

      My birthday is on 3/29/04

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      Oh I just love her to pieces!!!!! More MamaBird 💜💜

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      Oh my goodness your mother is a darling \(^O^)/

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      I loved the video with your mom, so sweet. Please have her return soon.

    23. Zoey Rae

      BILLY RAY?????? WHAAAAAAAT?????????? Billy ray cyrus???

    24. Snoopy Bubz

      Laura's mom is so soft and sweet she reminds me of tree trunk from adventure time lol

    25. Daniela Lopez-Valenzuela

      You guys are so adorable

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      Your mom is so sweet!!!💕💕I love her accent it goes with her personality!💓😂

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      Get yo mama back on a video and I’ll resub to ya

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      your mom is so sweet! and I love her accent

    29. Hattie Simpson

      This was amazing, your mom is the cutest! Y’all say oil right in my book!🤣

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      your mom looks beautiful!!! i would love to see another video with her in it! shes such a sweet lady!!

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      Awwww I think it's Soo Sweet U take care of Your Mom💓

    32. Adriana McLaughlin

      Seen this last. Watching it again, you should bring her back!

    33. Leslie Owens

      Intro was precious.

    34. purple leecree

      💜❤❤❤ mama A Southern Gurl Cherish her gurllll. She's proud of u😍😍😍😍

    35. Amy Nichole Crawley

      I love your momma! I'm from southern Tennessee so we have the EXACT SAME ACCENT 😂 I loved it ❤️

    36. Angela Torres

      She Soooo Beautiful Thank You For Sharing Beautiful

    37. desiree rivera

      Omg she needs her own MNsel channel ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      I have family from Alabama and your mom just reminds me of them I love your mom Laura

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      Awww..what a sweetheart! :)

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      Y’all sound like me and my momma

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      Love your mom!!

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      Such a cute video, your mama is the sweetest ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    43. Sheena Kilburn

      Girl I’m from Ky and me and your mama would get a long so good! I’ve worn Merle Norman since the 6th grade! We have the exact same taste in music! I HATE country music, too!

    44. Sheena Kilburn

      Video idea!!!!! I want you to do a video where you purposely make mistakes and show us how you fix it! Like a blunt wing!

    45. Katie Jernigan

      Y’all say “oil” right!!!! I’m from NC and that’s how I say it too 🖤🖤

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      Umm can you please have your mama Annie-may on more often, its way way too cute.

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      She is so sweet bless

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      Still loving Mama Joyce 💛

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      My dad is OBSESSED with 38 Special and Lynyrd Skynyrd!! How cool!

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      so cute♡

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      Your mom is so sweet! Loved this video

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      You're beautiful Mumma and what cool names of your Aunts and uncles. Mumma looks beautiful with her makeup done xoxo Lots of love to you all

    53. Emina Ataee

      ”Her mom is from Venezuela” Umm where??

    54. maria fernanda gonzalez

      My mom is 31 and she uses almost everything Mary Kay

    55. maria fernanda gonzalez

      This was the cutes ever

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      I love momma bird. She is so sweet and country. I live in North,Ga So I catch a lot for my country talking,lol

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      I love you. I love your momma. It's not up for discussion. New subscriber and currently stalking your old videos down here in Texas!