I plant 20 000 000 Trees in Minecraft (Not Creative)


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    I plant 20 mil trees epicly in minecraft now go donate: teamtrees.org/
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    Song: mnsel.info/a/3e8EMTOn4g6ZSKggHTnNng

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    1. The Frostbite

      i will plant a tree in real life

    2. Kirito -kun

      Where is lama tower

    3. Dark Wolf

      Save the planet.

    4. Matthew Lee

      so i guess the donkey kong soundtrack isnt copyright?!

    5. Orange Orange

      And this, is how Pewds saved the world

    6. oayajessi HIGHSCHOOL

      i like it...

    7. Narvol the master


    8. Crackerz GD

      2, 4, and *snop*

    9. 123 Ewww

      This series should be on Netflix

    10. Brittany L

      ✨Markiplier has Heist with markiplier merch that goes to the team trees foundation ✨

    11. Helene Gade

      He knows that the reason we plant trees is for the leaves the he just cut of, right??

    12. RIMO 9000

      1:02 but in alternative universe IKEA Tower gives him a stand and he kill himself with it and hit his stand wish arrow and he gets Gold Experience Requiem and he delete dead of his friends and it will never exist!

    13. Kerem can Çetiner

      Until 00:30 Aw, Is he? Aw yes he is Poopin'

    14. Undestructable_cocx

      Sooooo what are the trees for again???

    15. Lizbeth Anzures

      Donate for trees

    16. Kyleigh Urban

      Did Sven die?!

    17. Graham Spencer

      Petition for pewds to say ok boomer instead of ok gamers? 😂

    18. Alfador !

      The dkc2 music really ties the series together

    19. Kevinator S

      Now plz do this irl

    20. Jeffrey Suen

      Pewds: Thank you so much... *Stomps the cake*

    21. Dark Fire

      Hi Pewdiepie i'm brasiliam, i like your videos 👌😜

    22. человек но сыкло


    23. Belarusian Bee

      say chikibamboni in next video лайкаем пацаны

    24. Irondude Gaming

      MrBeast advertises PewDiePie PewDiePie uses MrBeast in his video MrBeast has succeeded in life.

    25. I Just a Feyzer

      Cyka kakoгo xy9 эTo Ha AHг/l

    26. Francis Néron

      perfect with DK ost

    27. Dante Marquez

      lmao im pretty sure the music he's using is from a donkey kong game

    28. Maryuri Vega

      Ok you telling me Sven was stuck in underwater still live by creeper and then die and can back as liveing

    29. Angel Pacheco

      He just did it so then he could get his items back that he used and also didn't know how to get the pets back

    30. Kevin Jabalera


    31. IKEA sven

      *sees blue ikea color* A REMINDER OF SVEN AND JORGEN

    32. Jessica Hernandez

      When ulla britta said 🎵🎶🎵 I felt it

    33. Jessica Hernandez

      This made me cry curse you beetroot

    34. Anthony Dinh

      *i can breathe*

    35. Juzziike

      232. Day someday PewDiePie will see my comments... maybe :/

    36. Zombathin Lost Leg/Hacker Cat

      16:35 His pets make him some birthday cakes but he proceeds to walk on it.

    37. XLegendGamer 07

      14:08 Marzia?

    38. XLegendGamer 07

      Pewds Please make a next minecraft series' episode

    39. Roxar_kun

      "Funziona" "Perfetto" Grazie pewdiepie ora la mia vita è completa

    40. Gacha's Secret

      You should leave ikea tower floating, it looks more epic

    41. Kristie

      7:19 lul

    42. Royce The Shitzu


    43. Twitch_StarLord_

      Nice Vid! Late but always gonna be upto date. 12 MORE TO go! ;) Keepin the watch streaks for a year now aha! ~The Mysterious Random Forgotten Star

    44. Matt Rodriguez

      Felix is so high at this point

    45. Karen Abuan

      Your the best youtuber in the world no matter no and your videos is actually amazing

      1. Aaron McGill


    46. Gloria Duarte

      The Donkey Kong tune hit me right in the chest damn - 1:40

    47. Mythical Dragon

      “MaYbE My BrAiN iS sMaLl ?!” Boy u better than meee and I can flipping make a moving car in Minecraft. UuUuGgGgHhHhHh

    48. mary uzumaki

      donkey kong intro melody

    49. Char link 09

      PewDiePie: hoppapa posnappapa hoppapa posnappapa. Me: why just why...

    50. enoc flores

      Felix:Look at dis dude ME:cringe

    51. This Boi

      the dk music in the back brought back so many memories bruh

    52. T i r e d

      I got an add for pewdiepie on this video

    53. Akira Taifu

      Felix, I like the way your brain works.

    54. DragonPlaysXYT

      Felix while doing the rhyme thing and said bigger


      What is the music to 3:45 please


        Ho it's donkey Kong country theme no ?

    56. wasd

      Those arent trees those are logs

    57. nour nemroud

      the moment 9:11 =your amazingly failling redstone capabilities thought me a good trick (bad english i know that!)

    58. Kahoot hun

      5:02 "piss stains... lots of piss stains.."

    59. Noble

      When you dont have friends you just make them up yourselves

    60. Noble

      thats just a wall of wood