iPhone 11 Pro vs Original iPhone!

Marques Brownlee

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    Looking back at the first generation iPhone refreshes the way you see new tech. Next level Throwback Thursday.
    iPhone 11 Pro Review: mnsel.info/video/video/qtu8kYHAkHKgpag.html
    Retro Tech coming in December!
    Retro Tech Pilot Episode: mnsel.info/video/video/tduc3oO_gZucr3o.html
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    1. Suji S

      I got ipod touch first Gen and i payed ₹500 or something to enable the bluetooth via a software update. 😁😁😁

    2. Kenny Yuen

      Trying to justify yearly improvements by comparing iPhone 1to11. 👌

    3. Abdeta Terefe

      my first was was LG c105

    4. Brandon Steele

      My first smartphone was the Sharp Aquos Crystal! That phone was unique but man I LOVED it! You should definitely google that one!

    5. Brony404

      Just asking is mkbs merch sold in UK aswell

    6. Nickls Keg

      2010 BC : Stone 2010 AD : Phone

    7. Munjalsinh Mahida

      Karbonn A6

    8. Jesse de Groot

      My first smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy Young.

    9. Fin Procter

      My Dad, actually got the first iPhone when we where on holiday in Dubai, around 6 month before it came out back home in the UK. I remember it being this super futuristic thing that was like something I had seen in films. I was like 12 so didn't really have use for a phone, but I loved using it. I even remember that the homescreen was called the summerboard?? and the apps didn't have text underneath until you selected it in settings. Pumped for the Retro Tech vids.

    10. Matthaeus Tomy

      My first phone was the Asus Zenfone Go 5.0

    11. ET-FACT

      Samsung Galaxy S 3 clone 🤣

    12. Clement McDonald

      iPhone 6s Plus (I hate it soooooo much) and I still have it. I want a Samsung A10e, Marques please review it!

    13. BoniBon 666

      🎛⬜️ ⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️

    14. tommy kocab

      Lew @unboxtherapy would for sure switch to that for a week

    15. Mr rmatltif

      LG Dare was my first Smart Phone

    16. killertek78

      Galaxy S Vibrant, still have it.

    17. M Yare

      My first was iPhone 4. For 1 yr then Samsung since then. If the 2020 iPhone 12 is better the galaxy Note 11. Then I will switch Otherwise Samsung

    18. Harry Sanjaya

      Dislike from kids born 2008😂😂😂

    19. Sean Will

      iPhone 4S was my first smart phone.

    20. Anant Sharma

      2011: Nokia X3 2014 : Sony Xperia C3 2017 : Oppo F3 2019 : Oneplus 7T

    21. teh_oracle

      Not sure it counts as a smartphone but first touchscreen phone was the LG KU990 Viewty First proper smartphone HTC Hero. First iPhone was the 4S

    22. Xi Xie

      Hi, are you not allow to unbox huawei anymore???? Just ask... I have seeming you doing iPhone 11 so May times already....

    23. Rishabh Khanna

      First "smart" phone : Motorola Rokr E6

    24. Obi Aghamelu

      That phone is less laggy than my OnePlus One 😫

    25. SquidWardOP

      0:20 look at the iPhone screen then the Mac screen!

    26. Nate Newman

      I had the LG Voyager, and the LG Dare, among many many other phones. Those were the days. I’m 35 btw.

    27. Robby.Izaak

      4:06 your voice in 2007 !!!! Omg you are younger than I thought!

    28. NZ joy

      first phone was the sony xperia U . I loved the sony andriod skin . It was simple , fresh and i loved their ringtone. I wish Sony and HTC made phones again. Like actual good phones not the crap they are making now.

    29. Orion Sanadiki

      To the 1.9k people, you may laugh and dislike but the original iPhone was a revolution. Unless you wanted a phone you could only use with buttons and a stylus

    30. Ron Jeremy

      My first smartphone was the HTC Incredible.

    31. SnobGoblin the third

      100% more of this

    32. Reeda Tabbak

      my first smartphone is Samsung Galaxy ACE

    33. Jason Hearn

      I was a Cingular employee so I got the iPhone 2g as my first smartphone and have only switched to android for 3 months to a Nexus 7 then couldn’t adapt and went back to iOS on my iPad mini back in 2014 to never look back again.

    34. Elias C

      htc one m9

    35. Timon Stettler

      Who remembers the og youtube app

    36. Max Jackson

      I remember feeling like the coolest kid in middle school with the T-Pain auto tune app on my original iPhone. What a pure time lol.

    37. GregRyan

      Any chance of doing a small phone list or something? Gf has ended up with the s10e which is fine but it's still p big in comparison to the 5s. To get something that small you end up with something really quite mediocre

    38. Cricket Khan

      Mine first mobile phone was Nokia E5

    39. suraj chauhan

      2008 Nokia N80 2019 galaxy note 9

    40. bvk Cars

      my first phone was actually the iPhone 4s

    41. Anthony Stabile

      My first smartphone was the Samsung SGH-F480

    42. D4VID4F

      I had the first iphone, I was on cloud 9. Having an iphone and ipod in one was a game changer back then.

    43. Alin Popescu

      Only 10 fingers touch? What if I want to use my toes on the phone? That's just poor.

    44. Davin Johnson

      2008 Sony Ericsson 2019 iPhone 11 Pro Max

    45. The Gaverino

      Let's just be honest. Apple originality died after iPhone 6 and was reborn with iPhone X but died again after iPhone Xs

    46. karimrakha

      was made by steve jobs

    47. Jiminy H. Criquet

      This is like finding a neanderthal skull

    48. William. exe

      Original iPhone camera is comparable to the galaxy s10s snapchat photos

    49. Elisabeth Bynum

      You should talk to Charles Trippy he has all the iPhones

    50. Twerk Inc

      Samsung or Nokia I don’t remember

    51. Joe Lin

      I have an iphone 4s , and still run pretty will

    52. Sharunesh Nahendran

      my first phone - SAMSUNG S3850 CORBY 2 now-SAMSUNG J2 PRIME nothing to be ashamed of :)

    53. Gelo Reyes

      It'll be a big hit if apple will release a colorway same with the first iphone.

    54. Esquire2012

      OG motorola droid review also my 1st phone??

    55. Ahsan's Tutelage

      What is that mechanical keyboard called in the background @ 0:10

    56. Cat Viper

      iphone 3gs white

    57. xXLSSKonaraXx

      my first phone was the Galaxy S Duos that look crazy asf at the time :")

    58. Jackyjo007

      1st Phone was an HTC Panache 🤢🤢

    59. ronaldo Duran

      Smartphones should change every 2 years not 1 year.

    60. JD Salinas

      I got the OG iPhone after the craze died down a bit. I was on Verizon so I ended up getting a prepaid line just to get the iPhone. Ended up switching to att shortly after when my Verizon contract ended.