Jealous Dog Won't Let Me Kiss My Wife!

Funny Dog Bailey

Funny Dog Bailey

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    Jealous Golden Retriever Won't Let Me Kiss My Wife! Guys, look what my dog does when I try to kiss my wife. Be sure to subscribe, make sure to enable ALL push notifications! 🔔and leave your comments under this video!
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    1. Funny Dog Bailey

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      1. Thymoor Mirza


    2. Anja Moretz

      Your funny I saw that video of u eating that dog food that is funny

    3. Malini N Holla Holla


    4. dieguoto

      Le gusta ella. Sospechoso....

    5. Nati B

      Ohhh que bonito perro 😍


      Rsrsrsrs Bailey está celoso de tu papa !!!rsrsrsrs 😁😁😁😁🐶🐶🐶🐶

    7. Arzu Orucova

      Она такая уротка девушка

    8. Maribel Gonzalez Garcia

      K hermoso cachorro

    9. h h

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    10. Mary Cobian

      Es tan adorable

    11. stella76 marzo


    12. Magnus Walker

      How about you take the dog for a walk and I kiss your wife on your behalf 😁

    13. Maria Soares

      Família linda😍💙😍😍💙💙

    14. blasco blasco


    15. morena figueroa

      I want that dog he’s cute and smart

    16. patrizia pasini


    17. divya Maheshwari

      Bailey bht pyara hai

    18. Sandy Li

      哈哈哈! 呷醋的 金毛

    19. Gláucia A

      Que lindo!!! 🐶 😍

    20. Mariela V

    21. donas askan

      Stop thinking that this is adorable. It is a behavioral issue.

      1. donas askan

        @Daya Barani What you see here is a very mild case of this type of behavioral issue. You can find plenty of videos containing much worse situations. I believe this dog gets a lot of attention from owners (no need to be that jealous), therefore this indicates lack of obedience training, which is a MUST for every dog.

      2. Daya Barani

        How ?

    22. Ana Beatriz Libera

      El perro no lo deja que bese a su novia pero lo quiere más a el

    23. Yaidelice De Sousa

      Es celoso pq ama a su papá y a su mamá q bonita es tu mami es una pareja muy linda y como aman a ese perrito los bello son una familia muy linda saludos desde Tenerife islas Canarias

    24. Vesna Milosevic


    25. meenu kalshan

      I love dogs


      Bailey is not a real dog he is half human , the cute living thing in between ..he is funny that I have to chuckle ...

    27. ゆゆ


    28. Mohit Madan


    29. Pilar Gomez

      Dale besos también al perro 🐶... Así no tiene celos!

    30. Kelli Marchezini

      A cara dele kkk é muito fofo

    31. Miguel Miguel

      Dios que feo.. EL perro? No el esposo..

    32. Эльмира Радуга


    33. Naman Kumar


    34. Roberta Spaghi


    35. Prakeerna Ghosh

      Bailey is really a sweet dog.♥️♥️♥️

    36. Phongchart Wachirophaskorn

      Bailey: Wadda fluff, hoomannn! Too many kissesssssss though! 🤣🤣🤣 🤘

    37. Cecilia Vazquez

      Q hermoso jajaja

    38. Paulo Marques

      Aí temos um triângulo amoroso diferente.

    39. Fotini Spiropoulou

      It s so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love from GREECE😘😘😘😘😘😘

    40. drew sale

      Dogs are heirachial, and the dog is asserting his dominance over the man. That's how it works.

    41. Mike & Judith

      Lol bailey you make me laugh

    42. G Lynn

      Lololol dogs are so funny

    43. Norbert Falcon

      Clickbait 👎

    44. Carmelita Pereira Da Silva

      Hola hermosura más linda 😂😂😂😂😻😻😻

    45. Christer Wikström

      Love from Sweden

    46. Lena

      It is your dog that should only be kissed ☝️🐶😚

    47. Meow

      Fluffy boi😍

    48. Eugénia Brito

      😂😂😂Bailey TU ÉS um cômico TERRÍVEL 🐶💕

    49. dttruman

      Dog's are just like little kids. They may grow old, but they never grow up.


      I fall in love with you guys.

    51. Suzana Milosavljevic

      I love Bailey sooo much! He is heart! ❤️❤️❤️🐕🐕🐕

    52. Rebeca Alonso Martin

      Que bonito es

    53. Ivan RT

      Bailey is pure love :-)

    54. Ross Ross

      That's so cool.what a beautiful dog.

    55. Komal Thakran

      Bailey :stop i m the leader

    56. Priscilla Casanova

      Awww hes sad now

    57. Priscilla Casanova

      Aww poor Bailey just wants a 😘

    58. JiaYi Lei

      Bailey is too precious~🐾❤

    59. IL 777 VTX

      so.. you dont kiss your wife on the lips?

    60. Katarzyna Z