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    i dont own the song

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    1. Lisi Narwhal

      I love how everyone is putting their sad stories in the comments and it’s like you can’t trust the people you know to talk to about this stuff and so many people are so supportive of each other ❤️

      1. Sifa Unnaeli

        @BSC ISP ll

      2. B S

        what if we had no one to share it with.

      3. Tiku Habasonda

        @Chantel Oughton me too. 😔

      4. Shana Mobasseri

        Lisi Narwhal I agree ❤️

    2. Angel Lefebvre

      I take a different perspective on this song. Im jealous of the way my momma is happy in heaven without me :( Rest in peace momma 12/30/2019

    3. 매이침침

      Jimin of BTS brought me here! And their album will be out on 21st!!! Stream ON feat. SIA

    4. Fad Drwsy

      me thinking bout my ex :(

    5. raina tehe

      Fuckkckkckckcckkckckkkkkkkk. This song was always me and my ex bsfs. We r always on and off. I listen to this when I miss herrrrrrr. Omfg. "I'm jealous of the way ur happy without me" I cant even cry I have cried too much

    6. Heather Young

      Feb 21st will make 4yrs since my mom passed. I stayed by her side watching her slowly slip away from this world. She asked me : Am I going to die?" I told her no. I didn't want to believe it. She stayed around a few more months. I was learning sign language and taught her how to say I love you in asl, when she couldn't talk anymore one of the last things she did was sign to me i love you. There's not a day that goes by when I don't miss her.

    7. Juliana Nuas

      "you're happiness is mine too, but if he hurts you ima get you back and never let go of you"

    8. K_shhmoneyy

      I’m only here bc I’m a singer n this sounds really good with my voice 💀❤️

    9. Kelvin Sindato


    10. Tresor Tshibangu

      Who is still here in 2020 listening to this beautiful song? Let me know God bless u all

    11. Shivam Bhardwaj

      You all seems so nice here but you all are the reasons for someone's misery


      "I m jealous of the love love that was in here. Gone for someone else to share" Tears right now😊

    13. WhaleyPlayz - Daily Videos

      Another level.

    14. Gacha Blossom

      "i always thought youd come back tell me all you found was heart break and misery" i felt that , it never happened , he never came back :{

    15. Anahi Aguirre

      My ex gf dumped me Bc i was the worst girlfriend ever and I didn’t see that before and now that she moved on and seems happy I finally realized that I was the toxic person in the relationship and I apologized for that and I realized I still love her but she’s happy with her new girlfriend and I can’t change that.

    16. romeo sol balbin

      FEB. someone no one its just me

    17. rennier peralta

      Why it's hard to know that shes happy with someone else while I'm in pain.... Its unfair 😢

    18. Snoopy

      Does it hurt you like it does me? You’re right there but so far. Every thing reminds me of what we once were. I miss you.

    19. Ozann 00

      Çok guzel bi sarkiymis

    20. Ozann 00

      Irmo zorla actirdi

    21. Mytime 2019

      Listening to this on valentines day 😭 💔

    22. Sunset Lover

      "I wished you the best of all this world could give.." I felt that strongly..

    23. Manel Manel

      The night we broke up , he died and I was slowly driven to a gloomy dilemma

    24. Jesse Aguilar

      When I heard this song I feel better and it helps me thru things ❤️❤️❤️

    25. Macy Goodfellow

      I love this song

    26. Allison Fryman

      Luther fryman love 💖 you miss you ❤️

    27. GodlyySZN -

      Why does this song hurt so much😞

    28. Kristyn Williams

      It was whirlwind and beautiful. The kind of romance you see in movies and books... he came over and we laid under the stars and just... talked. He was my comfort. My safe place. I fell in a matter of days. He never did. It was a beautiful few weeks. He always made me feel better, and I just wanted to love him. But he didn’t want me. He didn’t want anything with me. So I lied to him and told him goodbye. And it’s been almost two days since we last spoke and it’s eating away at me.

    29. onny

      ' Im jealous of the way you' re happy without me.. ' Sorry to say... 🌻

      1. Wieke Alvernia

        😢😳😔 and so i do..

    30. Wieke Alvernia


    31. Clarice Brophy

      I know this is like a breakup song but I listen to it a lot especially when I'm sad again thinking about my dad, he wasn't in my life for 14 years and we only have a relationship since July gone, it is so hard to build a relationship with the person who was the first to ever break you're heart, and some of the lyrics hit hard, 'I'm jealous of the rain that falls upon you're skin, it's closer than my hands have been' I've never grown up with my fathers loving hugs or him holding my hand through some situations, or the lyrics 'I'm jealous of the way, you're happy without me' because his life moved on whether I was there or not and it's like he was happier without me, travelling, getting married, having a kid, doing things in his life that I never got to grow up doing. Sorry I just need to rant tonight:(

    32. Acheche _10

      I’m jealous of the way you’re happy without me😭

    33. alimajolina

      Don’t write your sob stories pls this is the comment section not your local therapist 😤😤😤

    34. kawaiola 808

      Here in 2020 still feeling like shit. It sucks when you love someone and that's it. They don't see you that way, and there happy with someone else. Knowing that you would still do anything for them

    35. Apricilla Zebua

      2020 yooo

    36. Sierine Paul

      thx for the song

    37. Rose Wangari

      Am i the only who so emotional 😭 to a point of tears whenever i listen to this song 😍 ❤

    38. Ramidi Saikrishna

      2020..Still depressed and having anxiety.. Anyone else here??

    39. alieyza lieza

      I want to cryyyy

    40. lethargic_torrent3799

      I heard this song for the first time, no more than 10 minutes ago. My heart hurts and my eyes feel numb from crying, but yet I still feel the pain inside. I hope everyone remembers their loved and lost ones, and treasures them for however long they need. We all have so much time here but it’s scary how little that can all disappear. We all have something we love and yet the next day, it’s gone. We all hurt but only some of us feel like we can show it. We all need to stand by each other, not apart, and remind ourselves that we are all the same: we all hurt when we lose someone. Whether we show it or not, we still all hurt, one way or another. 💔❤️

    41. Rasheed carmelo

      I love this song

    42. Xaar Servinus

      1:29 sorry this is for myself to practice:)

    43. Ej Miller

      Sounds like John Legend

    44. Zakry James

      Dude I am legit crying on what the sad stories are in the comments. Just know we all have our own battles to fight and when you have second thoughts of living tell someone about it or find ways to relax. The battle might be long and tough on the bumpy road but once you get to the end you feel relieved and realized all of the work and pain you put yourself through is worth it. Don’t ever give in to the depression and commit suicide like my sister are all unique in your own ways. God blesses you all.❤️❤️❤️♓️♓️❤️❤️❤️😖😫

    45. Cody Zonk

      Dear Me, If one day after several years, you’ll gonna see this comment again and if you are still breathing by such time, I want to congratulate you for not giving up to yourself. For holding on a little bit longer. . . For fighting your inner demons. . . For keeping yourself standing after all the breakdowns. . . For being cheerful despite of the feeling that you’re dejected. . . For hoping that people in your life will see your worth soon. . . For choosing to wake up despite of the feeling that you want to sleep forever. . . Yours truly, Me of 2020

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    47. Azizi Love you


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    49. Orlando Cabrera

      I miss her so damn much.. I just want her back in my life so bad.. She is happy and not with me..

    50. TøxïçŁïv

      This hits hard☝🏼💔😭

    51. Cecilie Rangå

      Beautiful. My twinsister sent me a link to this Song. It amazing . I LOVE YOU FOREVER Anette min !💖🐸🦢🌹🕊🦋🌠💋🍷🍀😍

    52. Fortnite_ Girl04

      I met a guy while playing fortnite and we became really good friends. He is from Saudi Arabia, he's rich and a gentleman(as he claims). I really liked him. They say that you shouldn't be in internet relationships because you don't know who is on the other side. I started liking him even more. And then I found out he has a girlfriend. I played with her today. She was really nice. At last I just decided that I will never be good enough for anyone

    53. sugaryx sweet

      i am heartbroken, i wish i'm gonna move forward without her. 😢

    54. Alex Jacob

      I'm in love with my best friend. He doesnt feel the same. I've fallen into a massive deppression again. I hate this.

    55. Anne 121316

      I've lost my mom and my son six months a part and left with my expartner not knowing we fall apart. Now I'm alone for years tried to survive I now played the song I still feel the pain I'm for ever grieving

    56. Mama Theo

      He left me for someone at his work and older than me. 1 month before our wedding day. I wish him the best in world could give. Nothing to forgive

    57. alejandro reyes

      My ex and I lived togethere and she ended up cheating on me with her ex 😥 my heart is still broken💔

    58. American Restoration


    59. Marguerite Tcheko

      Awesome song but sad lirics

    60. Chase hoaeb

      I alwsys thought you would come back and tell me your happy without me...damn 👌❤