Labrinth - Jealous (Taps Cover)

Taps Mugadza

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    Twitter: tapsempire
    Video Directed By James Davis II
    Music Produced And Engineered by MOOSE
    Instagram: themainmoose
    Produced By Jim Clemente

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      f,,,kin great only a matter of time for this real talent

    2. vidaholmes

      He blew my mind. Where is he? Lord have mercy!! Brother the heavens opened up. Love you wherever you are.

    3. Tamara Spijker

      Absolutely enchanting!!! Well done and keep up the good work!!!!

    4. Tebu Jiyane

      I’m jealous of the lady you’re singing this for🤗🤗🤗 you’re talented 😻😻

    5. Temple Ekeze

      This is cool beo

    6. Jerome Ramos

      Suddenly got ashamed of my cover! Nice! :)

    7. Tengku Ain

      Just beautiful ❤️

    8. Blaze Busakwe

      Best cover.. Heartfelt, emotions and soulfulness 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️

    9. Mahamoud Traoré

      his voice is awsome I love him

    10. Renato Paradiang

      Voice,teeth,and good-looking,I am jealous!!

    11. el che


    12. Antonietta D Agostino

      I've realized that truly beautiful, overwhelming love , the kind of love that floods you even when someone has done you so wrong , is beautifully and excruciatingly painful yet liberating. My parents and I haven't always had the best relationship and yet through all the hurt I am overwhelmed by the amount of love I feel towards them. It breaks my heart because we're oceans apart. 😥😥😥

    13. Lanie Louhenapessy


    14. ERIC ADAMS

      A lot of daring to say all this to someone I don't know anymore I am able to feel its energy here and now because I am human, sensitive and I didn't let myself be contaminated by the unpleasant situations of life. I love your voice, I love your beauty, I love your teeth I love your talent And I would like to be by your side even though it is unreal. And all this because I love you for being BLACK and with a splendid talent I love you because it moves my senses through your interpretation and because above all I love your black beauty where my big dream lives. Cry!

    15. Amrizan anuar Abdul wahid

      Hi. I love all yr cover. It was amazing! Please reupload your cover Enemies - lauv. I miss that cover. Please!

    16. MTB Lover


    17. jamylle Araújo


    18. The Looner

      I was here, Jan 17th, 2020.

    19. Luis Guzman

      Cantas hermoso! Te amoooooo

    20. Kadek Sulastra

      too good n i listening first then i feel in love keep good work

    21. Ty Ayt

      süpersin. goood

    22. rob farris


    23. Timid Turnip

      I made the mistake of listening to this and driving. All the past memories and feelings i kept locked deep down for years surfaced and i was bawling.

      1. estrada htg

        I can feel it

    24. Yamile Bowman

      Who are you??? OMG absolutely incredible. NEVER STOP

    25. Sean Lyder

      2020 !

    26. sourey 123

      Aaa this is good....first thing came up in my soon as I heard it....

    27. Shahrizan Shahrin

      Yeah...beautiful teeth. Beautiful voice😊

    28. Ruellè Glam


    29. Vanessa Mendes

      Fantastic 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    30. OLA 5555

      2020 💖

    31. Marika Dolinsky

      I love this more than the original

    32. Mander 684


    33. Eveee2k18

      I still love the original better but this was so close to being the best in my opinion.

    34. Mary Bblazn


    35. Marissa Luciana Pontoh


    36. Lisa D.

      Wow! Wow! Wow! You sung that from the depths of your soul.😳😱😯



    38. Aleksandra Niezbecka

      Your voice and this song together is the best I've ever heard 😍 I'm jealous of your voice ❤️❤️

    39. yacine salah

      This is the best cover

    40. Foxxeta Fox


    41. Phenomenal Queen CoCo

      just stumbled across ur song......omggggg is is wrong to say u sound WAYYYYYY better than labrinth :)

    42. Justin Watson

      This is better than the original! Im in tears! ❤😭

    43. *-* Girl


    44. Paemris Leunufna

      Can u cover song, hanya rindu by andmesh kamaleng I hope you can

    45. Sean Lyder

      oh fuck here come the tears

    46. Thuli Jamela


    47. Ly To

      Amazinge voice

    48. Nirob Mtw

      Wordless beauty

    49. Kas Majanoo

      Omg, I've found u, I'm rly amazed with ur voice, love u Man, keep it up.❤️

    50. Maxine's Voice

      The guy did a great job but he didn't do a better job than the guy who did it already. All he needed is the mustard yellow sweater and a chair why do a cover if you have nothing to add to it

    51. Sandra Pisarski

      wow, best cover of this I've found so far! bravo!

    52. Safira Aden

      way better than the original one

    53. Susan Noulton

      Absolutely beautiful, this song is my fav, and he has sung it stunningly.

    54. Cheri461

      BETTER than the original.

    55. Cole Morrison

      Great job man! Enjoyed this

    56. arsema kibrom

      You are so sweet

    57. Rachel Aguero

      The best cover ever! Wow

    58. klippcb

      Hi, one Word... LOVELY! Thanks for sharing your beautiful ly voice and performance! Christer

    59. Queen Tee

      I usually don't watch recommended vidz but this i couldn't let this one pass. Best cover so far, one would say it's the original if they don't know labrinth

    60. Dilla Armila