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    Love yaaaaa my lil potatoes

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    1. Alix David

      N Na Nao Naom Naomi Naomi i Naomi is Naomi is q Naomi is qu Naomi is que Naomi is quee Naomi is queen Naomi is quee Naomi is que Naomi is qu Naomi is q Naomi is Naomi i Naomi Naom Nao Na N

    2. L S

      Mach die hoar wieder blau du schausch so hammer us mit deana hoar👌🏻 hammer💙

    3. LukeFront

      It's so ironic that one of the shades that fell out was called 'exposed' lmao

    4. Jade Robyn

      ask my thumb.

    5. emm Sara

      Didn't you drop the pallets? Is that why the colour fell out?

    6. Barbara Yaga

      [throws pallete across the room] Why are these eye shadows falling out???

    7. Chels ea

      Laura "Conciller" Lee

    8. Glam By Ella

      I miss your makeup videos 😩

    9. Berenice Berón

      I LOVE the way you say "pink" 😍

    10. Courtney Gibson

      What eyeliner does she use????

    11. Mark 21

      5:26 *trixie mattel fan shout*

    12. HUANG

      I am in love with this hair color

    13. Zoe Waardenburg

      Talk about fall out hehe

    14. Craftastica Channel

      You're an ARMY.? I'm shooked.

    15. Raelene Labby

      YOU DROPPED IT!!!!

    16. Malin B Music

      Naomi always gets pallets that has eyeshadow fallout 😂

    17. japanミナズ

      ما شاء الله you so pretty

    18. Raven Rose

      Smashes pallet on table and proceeds to wonder how on earth some shades are broken😂🤣

    19. Rogue Uppercut

      Omfg! That damn Trixie Mattel reference😂😂

    20. Steffani Guenette

      I want a collab with Trixie immediately

    21. Linnéa Zakariasson

      Did she really say "RIP in peace" ??

    22. Symone Watkins

      bless you

    23. fujoshi kira


    24. Alison Mongamory


    25. Ryan YT

      Oh god , i wonder if you know the tea about laura , The tea was spicier than my mexican salsa to be honest

    26. LiamTSH96

      R.I.P in piece. 😂😂

    27. You Can Call Me Dad

      Man if people could actually relieve that palette without those shades breaking id but that palette

    28. Wren Louis

      Love her editing

    29. Maren Ghardz

      She has to release a consiller...

    30. ava dolshinsinger


    31. Jess Chrz

      Ugh whenever I use eyeshadow on my lower lash line I look so crappy and weird.

    32. Jess Chrz


    33. Jess Chrz

      For all the people saying she dropped the palette. Watch again.. she dropped the EMPTY BOX.

    34. Angelina

      Those look like colourpop shadows.

    35. MakeUpYourDay Family

      Finaly i found a makeup/review / fun channel where i recognize meself and the struggles i deal with in life 😂 #lifeistoboringforonehaircollor #gogirl

    36. Mariel H

      She copied the name of the palette from one of Wet n' wild's liquid catsuit lipsticks. They were released long before her palette. I know bc I own the Nudie Patootie lipstick and someone mentioned to me she even reviewed it in a video and said how much she liked the name. Idk why that bothers me even more than brands that make dupes of expensive palettes, I guess it's bc they don't pretend it was their original idea.

    37. Tracy Tydlacka

      Same thing happened to mine! Garbage!!

    38. glitterfreak1982

      R.I.P. in peace ROFL

    39. Bianca With Luv

      Omg wait.......... i’m so dumb I always thought that “Nudie Potatoie” is how you pronounce the palette name!!!

    40. Hannah H

      Such a weird intro... and you dropped it RIGHT before showing them broken. YOU broke it. 😣😣

      1. Hannah H

        lea _3108 she dropped both of them..

      2. lea _3108

        She obviously dropped the empty box and not the shades you fool. Pay attention

    41. Ari bae

      RIP in peace 7.10 OK lol

    42. Mc Nelli


    43. Mila Mihailovska

      Hat irgendjemand auch bemerkt das oben rechts auf ihrer Stirn ein dunkler Fleck ist?Oder bin ich die einzigste?😂😂😂

    44. Lara Bermudez Martinez


    45. Dominique Nelson


    46. Zoë H

      Uhhh why does the palette design look exact to Coloured Rain Queen of Hearts 🤔

    47. Silly Bitch ASMR

      *BURN THAT PALETTE*, it’s trash and so is the person who made it.

    48. Rylie Jo

      The sad part is is that you get 14 good eyeshadows for $45 and with James’ pallet you get 39 amazing shades for $40.

    49. Rylie Jo

      How ironic that the shade “exposed” fell out

    50. Angel 10

      "[...] it looks piiieeenkh"

    51. PrincipalCellist

      Guys, she didn't drop the palette. She dropped the EMPTY box that the palette came in. Chill out, the shades just fell out because Laura Lee sucks

    52. adiba hasan

      7:15 .. I heard someone saying "I just love laura lee" after sooooo long

    53. sister stivan

      and now she’s cancelled

    54. Tori Session

      Was that highschool musical 3, can I have this dance?!? I’m a nerd 😂❤️

    55. Georgie Fekete

      Bless you.

    56. nele

      Can you do a ASMR

    57. tiggz R

      Paid video! How much did you get from JSC

    58. Kelly Krznaric

      Ur highlight is beautiful! What are u using?!

    59. Stephanie Boss

      Like the colors, poor formula. And anyone who might say "oh she dropped the box" but you didn't drop the actual pallette just the outer box. Besides I'm sure many others make a better quality pallette and cheaper. Plus... I mean. .. Laura Lee though. Who wants to support that? 😂

    60. Happy Day

      Looks like cardboard is holding the shadows. Bad idea for creamy or porous shadow pallets. The colors did look beautiful on you. If she ever makes makeup again (if ant company will actually carry it) she has to stay away from that paper packaging crap.