emma chamberlain

emma chamberlain

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    this is embarrassing honestly
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    1. -blossom- :p

      Im sad it was only like 3 min of skate boarding

    2. D.G 2007

      Ethan Dolan skateboards 😏😏


      On a girl to.

    4. Nicole Dabrowski

      dont do it for a boy do it bc u love it D:

    5. Zara Austin

      Hello, my name is Aaron Kyro, and i’m a professional skateboarder from the San Francisco bay area.

    6. Cassandra Tran

      Okay but like she can actually skate, that's talent right there-

    7. Mystical Koala

      Hehe Aaron would be so proud

    8. Jaiden Del Rosario

      what dickies fit/style is she wearing

    9. Kiowa Pike

      Like if yk who the boy is

    10. Alejandro Osorio

      can you donate the skateboard to me plis :)

    11. BlitzCreed

      Ok you are the most down to earth person I’ve seen on the internet

    12. Preston Simao

      Pls tell me he can actually throw down

    13. Noah Franklin

      why are the bushings so squeaky

    14. Olivia Betts

      I just learned how to skateboard but I know no skater bois :(

    15. Maddie Livesey

      Ethan Dolan!

    16. Laura Family’s

      Why are ppl doing this for a boy and not for themselves no hate just SAYING 🧐

    17. ellzsxlbs

      I’m a girl and I skateboard But none of my friends do😢 *sadness*

    18. Sierra Voorhies

      coffee is comforting maybe switch to tea or matcha for the same comfort

    19. mwah

      i just thought of this randomly but like i barely have the energy to like a video so how do people have the energy to dislike a video

    20. Kong 77

      Sick board

    21. kim katana

      her board is so small LMAO but it still goes

    22. LPSMoonLight

      how bout you get a otter box then so you don't crack it

    23. adam leonard

      Didn't her voice sound like jojo siwa at the start when she said whoo hey guys


      Are you interested in learning or develop skills? kindly subscribe trgt.ai/techieguide

    25. Sophie Ayre

      Emma: im gonna learn some tricks ....... Jumps off skateboeard Me: 😂😂😂😂

    26. Alberto Rodriguez

      That’s cringe

    27. j a z z

      i just got this feeling it was ethan... :/😔

    28. Bella IDK

      When you were trying to do a trick I cried

    29. Claire Timour

      Every 12 year old boy : OH I SKATE EMMA DATE ME Me depressed because the skater boy I liked didn't like me back: EMMA LETS CRY TOGETHER

    30. Jessie Li

      One word “ Ethan”

    31. Oougla Boougla

      Ok ik she’s trying to learn how to skate and that’s fine but she just struck me as the biggest poser fukin ever

    32. West Patterson

      her trucks are hurting my ears

    33. Gweneth Evans

      i love emma’s energy in this video

    34. Pet person!

      The boy is Ethan

    35. Aêsthêtic. Cløuds

      Who else is here from 5/26/2020

    36. Kate Land

      youre pretty fucking good for it being your first time

    37. Vaehand laila

      her: *forgets helmet* “its ok i wont do any tricks”. also her: i’m gonna learn some new tricks.

    38. iistxrmxarmyii


    39. Colby Br0ck

      Emma u look like a skater girl 😂

    40. E180 TEKNO

      elle est casse- cou

    41. Natalia Michels

      I‘m a „skater girl“ and I want a skater boy please come to me thx 🙏😂hahah

    42. Olivia Lopez

      It's funny cause I just bought a skateboard so I can impress a boy but now I just realized that this boy doesn't even know I exist.

    43. Payton Krug

      Emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaa you are my favorite and the Dolan twins and James SISTER SQUAD

    44. I L I

      And people still dont see ethma...like...hello...

    45. Gwen Howard

      No one: Nobody: Emma Chamberlin: I like this guy..... He skateboards... OMG it’s Ethan Dolan

      1. Bib1027

        Gwen Howard too many comments like this, that’s NOT, AND I REPEAT NOTTTTTT! a tale anymore :(

    46. Ella Bawden

      I’m learning how to skate ahah

    47. Alanah Belanger

      Is it ethen cause he skateboards I think

      1. Elia Fellas

        Aaron hull. Watch sum tea vids bout it. That ass hole didn't deserve her

    48. Alexa Nina

      Me a 13 year old: uses penny board Emma: “a penny board is like those thugs middle schoolers use” Me: well shit

    49. userwithaphatass101

      i’ve been binge watching ur videos all quarantine

    50. Alice Richardson

      EtHan DoLaN sCaTE bOarDS

    51. Josi dejesus

      who else thinks that its one of the dolan twins that she likes

    52. Noey

      I literally just watched this video and now I wanna skateboard soooo bad and I’m looking for skateboards to buy lmao

    53. Izzy O


    54. Purrple Dae

      I wanna skateboard not impress boys

    55. Flower Aesthetics


    56. Davis Hall

      I’m surprised you know how to push right 🤣

    57. Sonic the hedgehog fan

      I am a skater 👧

    58. Bob Ross

      In my experience, skaters are either super chill or really rude. Either they'll help you and give you tips, or they'll call you a "poser" or a "noob" for not immediately knowing how to skate as soon as you step foot on a board

    59. Alyssa Gleason

      who else thought of Ethan Dolan...

    60. Lia Petrikas

      Aaaaammm😂am I the only one who thinks she is talking about Ethan....🙈😍😅

    61. kahu mcmahon

      u should do more skater vids

    62. YourBestDecision

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="435">7:15</a> STARTS THE VIDEO omfg

    63. Sk8rgirl_nini Pennyboard

      Who loves Emma ❤️👉🏾

    64. Brandon Bushell


    65. FullHealth

      If there was a guy watching the security footage in the parking garage then they must have been laughing so hard

    66. Logan Lay

      literally dumb not every skater dresses like this 😂your looking at thrasher to much

    67. You_can_callme_asayel :3

      Ok ethan DOLAN??😏

    68. samanthalynn j

      that intro was like listening to a 4 year old trying to tell a story

    69. Adah Vernon

      "I like this guy... and he skates" Finds every boy on the planet that skates Me: "Now that we have narrowed it down..."

    70. Drop Off Fam

      Let’s be real... she is talking about Ethan

    71. Random Industries

      Ethan Dolan???????

    72. Sami Sharma

      ethan left the chat

    73. Marissa Abeyta

      This is mdle tho ngl smh lmao

    74. Jessica Reynoso

      " i like this skater boy"...umm Ethan dolan whooo

    75. Sp00ky G*59

      same tho lmao

    76. Mia Phillips

      wait Ethan Dolan skates?? HMMMMMMMMMMMM

    77. ezedjay

      For new trucks that's some severe squeaking. Never stand on that again until you have put some wax in the pivot cups :)

    78. arelivent

      Emma be simping over skater boys

    79. Ryder McClurg

      a girl actaully did do this for me once but then broke up with me a week later

    80. Pia Hatzi

      *cough* Ethan Dolan *cough*