Madison Violet "Lauralee"

Music Fog

Music Fog

40мянга. үзсэн тоо2 Madison Violet jump aboard the Music Fog bus in Memphis for a slick version of "Lauralee." Madviolet is accompanied by Adrian Lawryshyn on upright bass and backing vocals. Filmed during Folk Alliance 2010.

    нийтэлсэн 9 жилийн өмнө


    1. Brian Seadoo

      Play Ontario more.

    2. Michael Blue Riband

      Song of the day 03-04-2016: "I think it's time for a bit of mischief, I think it's time to put myself about a bit, put a bit of stick about, make them jump..."

      1. Michael Blue Riband

        Yes, that sorta thing

    3. Joachim Geiselhart

      Hello from Frankfurt Germany . Love your music and your fantastic voices.

    4. TIJ

      What a brilliant song, perfectly done. Really, sheer perfection. You surely must know that, or can't you be objective? Well, to my ears (and I have a good ear, just the one, mind you) I'm hearing two people born to do this. Truly fantastic. I'm going to seek out more because you surely have a record deal and album(s) released. Not necessarily my usual genre of music, but, hey, if it's as sublime as this then genre is immaterial. Apart from that, It's shite. hahaha

    5. Salvador Hernandez


    6. Laurilee Tracy

      My name is Laurilee too, spelled different though :-)

    7. T Mac

      These harmonies are just sublime.

    8. anthony brown

      you girls are fantastic, are you signed?

    9. Naming The Twins

      Fantastic - the harmonies are perfect!

    10. Christian Windum

      such sweet harmony !

    11. unclebobunclebob

      Thank god we have an alternative to the Nashville crap machines.

    12. Linda Lenz

      I love it!!! My Daughter name is Lauralee. Good song