Louie's Life

Louie's Life

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    I finally got to film a video with ms nalgas boutique!!! You guys were requesting a cooking video so we made some manzanas! They looked so easy to make but let me just tell you... they were so hard!!! We struggled so much and they didn’t want to come out. Pero we tried eh!! A little cooking moment... I hope you guys enjoyed the video and got some good laughs!
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    1. Louie's Life

      Victor stop looking at me... pobre Laura

      1. Eileen Castillo

        Eileeh tell you the best I ever have I missed you I love you how I feel bye love you

      2. Diana Moreno


      3. Diana Moreno

        Hi I'm a big fan of you I like when you say pendejas😂

    2. Alexis Perez

      ...the amount of times i’ve watched this video omg 😔😂

    3. Janet LOPEZ-BAHENA


    4. Kaylee Mangoagui

      If they were animals they would bee my spirit animal

    5. Lily Garcia

      take a shot every time Laura claps lmaooo

    6. Zerimar González

      why do you always say Victor ???? do you like him???? Love

    7. Cynthia Amaya

      Next time you do this all you need is agua!! 🤗🤗 you mold it with just water around the apple and i use green apples 🥰 and the powder we use is "tico tico" its like that sugary powder with chile powder lol .. but either way they looked pretty damn good 😘😘

    8. Gabriela Batres

      Me wanting to eat everything with chile ♥️

    9. Grisell Jimenez

      The whole time Loara keep laughing😂

    10. suzyblue28

      Her laugh is contagious 😂😂

    11. Edith Placensia


    12. foxyjocy

      You guys are so fucking funny omg JAJA

    13. Jennifer Larrea

      Like if Louie and Laura should do more videos 👇🏼

    14. Daniella Gallegos

      Did anyone notice the picture of dummies or something in the mirror?

    15. Belinda Garcia

      I fucking can’t with Laura’s laugh 😭

      1. Urban_Goddess

        Belinda Garcia funny then it gets annoying

    16. Renata Varela

      Like y’all aren’t aloud to film another YT video, I couldn’t stop laughing 🤣🤣

    17. Briana Mika Best Fiends

      💕🧸I love you so much

    18. Milagros Fernandez

      Paraque este straight

    19. Milagros Fernandez

      You have to enbarar con la mano

    20. Milagros Fernandez

      I love Lauras laughed

    21. Alondra Funes


    22. haru sam

      Diablo , donde estan los subtítulos

    23. Alicia Palacios

      Omg laughed through this whole video! You both are so funny

    24. Daphne Rojas

      Do the video 😡

    25. Rj Dominguez

      her laugh is so funny

    26. Ashley Gutierrez

      Omg Louie you’re so funny hahahahaha these look so bomb!!!

    27. Eliza HG

      "Hi I'm the baddest perra and your watching Disney channel" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    28. Danna Jimenez

      Laura’s laugh literally makes my day 😄😄

    29. Alondra Herrera

      Laura is so blown 💨😂

    30. patricia rojas

      Laura laughing for 18 mins straight

    31. Diana Morales

      All I hear is Laura laughing

    32. Virginia Olvera

      Laura laugh though

    33. Briandas Tutorials

      I think It would’ve tates better with the green apple ❤️😂😘

    34. HazeL Bae

      I new I was going to be laughing as soon as it started 😂😂

    35. Yessie Delacruz

      I love Laura’s laugh she is so nice and pretty,Same with you Louie you are so funny and you always make me laugh keep making more video like this💕🤪

    36. Lili Martinez

      I love you guys. So much you guys are so funny

    37. Niovie Hello

      i thought it was a good idea to watch Louie at 2 in the morning......i woke up my whole family. i cant stop laughing omg i love this perra

    38. Laura Zavala

      15:05 😂😂😂💀

    39. gisell xo


    40. Rosa Angeles


    41. Ariana Bedolla .

      A lil mexicana moment

    42. Aillyn Sanchez

      “No quiere lavar por eso” fucken same jaja 😂❤️ love you guys ❤️

    43. Nessa Candy

      No dip the apples in hot water for a min or two then cool down and then make it

    44. iF u BrEaThE u A tHoT

      Lmfao when he said victor I got scared I'm like HA DO IT LOOK LIKE I CAN COOK actually yes I can 😂 I also BAKE SUM BOOM ASS BOWNIESSSSSS lowkey she's me when I'm high😭

    45. Johany Gomez

      Like si te hico agua la boca cuando viste las manzanas que estaban haciendo a mi si

    46. nichole olivarez


    47. Natalia Elisa Morales

      Your supposed to add the Tamarindo and then the chamoy

    48. Amberly Barcelo

      they are so funny

    49. Julian Aguilar

      Use code:

    50. Marisol Santamaria

      Louie:Super amargado Me: Lmfaoo say Amargo not amargado 🤪🤪🤣🤣

    51. Evelyn Amezola

      I freakin love you guys!! 💕💕 I laughed through out the whole video!

    52. Evelyn Rodriguez

      Swear I’m fucken dead😂😂

    53. Malillany Vargas

      Intro stupidas

    54. Malillany Vargas

      There intro stupid as 😁😁

      1. Malillany Vargas

        There intro stupidas

    55. M V

      You cant help but laugh when Laura laughs😫🤣

    56. EmbraceThePuzzle

      I can’t enjoy the video with Laura’s damn laugh 😂

    57. Maria Martinez


    58. Bella Pena

      I am such a big fan

    59. Txunamy winter Gacha life

      6:48 Disney was literally on my tv

    60. Jonathan Albarran