Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE


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    Mob VS Tatsumaki's Bloopers!
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      Check out the Bloopers of this episode here!

      1. Renatto Zuñiga

        Best armor batman VS best armor iron man

      2. Traxsh Asta

        Can you do a TATSUMI from akame ga kill vs issei from high school dxd?

      3. DUQ MAN

        Ur data is wrong

      4. Brad Hedgehog

        DEATH BATTLE! I got one. How about another power ranger one? This time A putty patrol one. Zed’s Putties vs Rita’s Putties.

    2. MrCervantesent

      How did Tatsumaki survive her spine getting twisted 360 degrees and not die?

    3. Elroid Tiereon

      Im quite sure even ONE himself said that Tatsumaki was way stronger that Mob, so I do like this outcome

    4. OUTSIDER40

      Good job 👍

    5. Adeleke Adedamola

      I don't really get why people are suprised that she won I expected it .

    6. Luchannel Chatmon

      This is bs

    7. Fadi Hillani

      Do Josef newton vs Yujiro hanma already

    8. Cerealn00b

      You prove time and time again how incompetent you are

    9. peterversionone

      Mob vs one punch man

    10. DJ Official98

      Slender man vs wendigo

    11. upstsrtfan gaming

      She crushed him with to giant buildings. But he died to a smaller meteor

    12. Sebastian Acevedo

      I love the name of the big 2 feats they're comparing are called Tatsumaki's reverse Uno and Mob's Cloudy day.

    13. Leo Acero

      Sentry vs superman

    14. Lancer Ace

      Xenia Onatopp vs. Peggy Carter

    15. Me eating And drinking

      MIDDLE SCHOOL?!??!??? Know your place

    16. Counter Fate

      ONE said that Mob 100% will lose to Tatsumaki, but he's unsure what would happened if Mob went ???.

    17. Tyler Johnson

      This is a joke 😂😂😂 she would totally be destroyed

    18. dante vitela

      idk how tatsumaki was able to beat ???% mob, there wasn't anyone who can take him. screw attack didn't include in the fight mob using his other emotions like he did with the boss of claw, he just used like 2. Mob would of noticed the meteor instant and destroyed it. smh

    19. Kiss Kitty

      Erron Black (Mortal Kombat) vs McCree (Overwatch)

    20. Tat Vela

      I don't care for the unfunny Wiz and Boomstick skits. Their dead looking eyes are disturbing. Thanks for keeping them to a minimum

    21. Whispering Risk

      Heyo! Death Battle do Ant-Man (Marvel) vs The Atom (DC)

    22. Tracy Bryant

      One punch man vs DR Manhattan

    23. Animate Pruductions

      Drunk tats is so cute

    24. Russian Bear

      I’m sad that a brat won

    25. Renatto Zuñiga

      Best armour of batman vs best armour iron man ?

    26. Benson Rice

      Beat her easily

    27. Michael Demiurgos45

      The next fight is gonna be such a mindfuck

    28. Alex Ortmann

      how about a fight between shredder and asgore

    29. Ghosty72401

      By the way, just so you know.... this is your fault. that line gave me chills

    30. Lame Fongus

      Wow not again, Green lantern vs Ben 10 epic fail (never thought that scissors was ben 10 weakness), Doctor Fate vs Doctor Strange (doctor fate had a weakness in which doctor strange could have used against him in many ways (the helmet)), and the last one i remember, ( i just finished watching the video) Mob vs Tastsumaki, i am less angered with this outcome, for various reason but please try to select character with a clear output of strength as in a character in which has demonstrated his top output while exhausted or mentioned his best feat as in, his cap (Mob psycho has never demonstrated a lack or a pierce in his defense in his ??? Stated, but his last feat where less then Tastsumaki, it's one of the reason why am letting this one go, unlike the first 2 i mentioned) anyway this are some of the few i can remember with somewhat disagreeable outcomes. The main point in mi comment is to let the death battle crew know that they might want to start looking for better match ups (As in max output feat with a true demonstration of their max output with a saying or a demonstration of such feat as their best feat in their exhausted stated or mentioned by them or their creators as their strongest output or at least showing difficulty while achieving this feat xD (Anyhow i apologize for any missed type, and for making this comment longer then needed, thank you for lending some of you're time in reading mi comment)

      1. Lame Fongus

        @kenshan parchmanotherwise strange could have never used that weakness against fate, I guess al scratch this one off the bucket list (btw ty for the reply ^_^, i would edit mi comment but it would make this whole chat look slightly random soo al leave it as such)

      2. kenshan parchman

        @Lame Fongus The helm's speed was "4 quintillion" times faster than strange. There wouldn't be a whole second between losing the helmet and gaining it. And in the black tabs in the top right corner, they mention it should be higher, since they were using the observable universe when its even bigger.

      3. Lame Fongus

        but once remove strange could have used that time to eliminated him, in many different ways (but i have a lack of info, in the cap speed of the helmet and strange top speed, i might have to rewatch the death battle video)

      4. kenshan parchman

        For fate vs strange, the helmet actually has counters to its weaknesses(can move through dimensions, regeneration, etc)

    31. Aleadro 8917

      Mob would pop both of her ass chicks

    32. Spacegodzilla 194

      Do Godzilla vs Ultraman

    33. Aleadro 8917

      Mob would win

    34. The Losing Team

      Icon (DC) vs Sentry (Marvel)

    35. Connor

      Yo yo!!!!! SPOILERS!!!! Some of us don't read the manga or webcomic and wait for the Animé. Now I can't watch any of your other stuff incase there's spoilers too. Not cool dude.

      1. kenshan parchman

        @Connor They've been doing this show for almost 10 years now. At this point people already know they're going to spoil. You're new?

      2. Connor

        @kenshan parchman Then at the beggining put "Spoiler Warning for OPM Animé", it's not difficult. I'm not saying don't include the content, I'm just saying a warning would be nice to avoid anything being ruined for people.

      3. kenshan parchman

        They kinda have to, since the end of a story is normally when character is at their max power.

    36. DaBoi David

      Never seen Mob Psycho lol

    37. Fruicy Juit

      Mob would win just saying Idc what this says

    38. Aaron Ramos

      Ok now bear with me on this next death battle idea............. Fat alberts VS Fat Bastard😬😬

    39. Alexander Bourns

      Ryan Renalds vs. Ryan Gosling

    40. Alexander Bourns

      Mars attacks vs. Destroy all humans

    41. Alexander Bourns

      Martians vs. The harvesters

    42. Alexander Bourns

      Vision vs. Martian manhunter

    43. Alexander Bourns

      Galactus vs. Imperialix

    44. Alexander Bourns

      Ewoks vs. Navi

    45. Alexander Bourns

      Klingons Vs. Wookies

    46. Alexander Bourns

      Engineers vs. Predator

    47. Alexander Bourns

      Mobile infantry vs. Colonial Marines

    48. Alexander Bourns

      Troll vs. Leprechaun

    49. Alexander Bourns

      Micheal Myers vs. Chuckie

      1. kenshan parchman

        @Alexander Bourns its in the description of nearly every video

      2. Alexander Bourns

        @kenshan parchman how do I get to that I couldn't find it?

      3. kenshan parchman

        You know theres a suggestion thread right? You don't need to make 15 comments.

    50. Alexander Bourns

      Pinhead vs. Candyman

    51. Alexander Bourns

      Freddy vs. Jason

    52. Alexander Bourns

      Spawn vs. Ghost rider

    53. Alexander Bourns

      Savage Dragon vs. Hellboy

    54. Alexander Bourns

      Xenomorphs vs. Arachnids

    55. Alexander Bourns

      Alien vs. Predator

    56. Alexander Bourns

      Grifter vs. Cable

    57. Alexander Bourns

      Spawn vs. Hellboy

    58. Alexander Bourns

      Rocky vs. Randy the Ram

    59. Alexander Bourns

      Swartzenager vs. Stallone

    60. Alexander Bourns

      Van Damme vs. Segal