Mustang Mach-E World Debut

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company

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    New breed. New Era. Introducing the all-electric #MustangMachE.*
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    Mustang Mach-E World Debut

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    1. Ford Motor Company

      Catch the show right at the start here: 09:07

      1. Mario Monclova

        @Juic Juoc221 Thank the current Millennials (Engineers, who are probably also Hockey Moms, and Representatives) Millennials don't know the Historical Value and Heritage of the Mustang. It's a very sad time in Automotive History.

      2. Mario Monclova

        @KAT Carol Shelby, Lee Iacocca, Henry Ford Jr., are all rolling over in their graves. So is Steve McQueen The Mach E will nullifies the Mustang name and badge off the Muscle Car category. Shared with the Challenger and Camaro. The Dodge Charger was removed from the segment with the 4 door variant. Been ask by HellCat Charger owners what about the HellCat. My response is they're nice comfortable family oriented sleepers. Because of a 4 door variant MUSTANG will soon be just a performance sports car. Segmented to Porsche, Supra, Jaguar F-Type. Even the the GT500, is removed from the Muscle Car category

      3. Doug Drewes

        @Manu Fernandes only morons like you that can't a car.

      4. Marion Morrison

        Smells like New Coke.

      5. Marion Morrison

        I want to describe my disappointment in the name but it would take too long.

    2. john martin

      Calling it a mustang was just a marketing scheme. Remember bad publicity is still publicity and that's why they called it a mustang. They new people would search electric mustang if they heard about it. Not many people would search all electric explorer or tell their friends and family about a all electric focus. But they new if they said all new electric mustang people would look it up and if they loved it they would yell and show their friends and if they hated it they would show and tell their friends and family..example..hey you hear about that new electric mustang that looks like a suv? No go look it up it's stupid/AMAZING

    3. john martin

      I wish they would scrap this and go back to building all American cars and stop with this bullcrap. I want to see a mustang GT with a v8 and a gt500 with a big block 428ci v8 yeah superchargeres are awesome but go back to the old days where if you wanted the faster version you got a bigger motor. Imagine a 428ci cobrajet with a supercharger that would be badass

    4. Wim Schoubben

      I am completely for electric cars, I drive a ford myself, I think the mustang is one of the most beautiful cars ever, this car has a beautiful design and interior, I would like to be seen in this car. What added value did the marketing idiots expect by calling this a Mustang? MACH E would do just fine!!!

    5. Henry Ford

      Ну товарищи , это не совсем Мустанг Выглядит и звучит как ахеренная тачка , НО Это не тот великолепный мустанг старой закалки , который мы привыкли видеть

    6. me too

      Here is the unfortunate truth. More people will buy it because of the Mustang name and Mustang design ques than people who won't buy it for those very reasons. There are die-hards and casuals. Among cars, sports, and other things, casuals are the overwhelming majority and companies will always cater to them. Die-hards are loved by Ford, but the vast majority of Mustang buyers are casual everyday people who see it and says it looks cool and its fast....and half of them are talking about the 4cyl.

    7. Diecast racer 55

      If you dont drop the mustang name and just call it the mach e or the explorer mach e you will ruin the mustangs legacy and the name will become known as a boring SUV not a sports car so in the future the mustang name will fail, it will die

    8. David Brewer

      I live in Dearborn and saw one of these in my neighborhood the other day . I am the proud owner of a Mustang GT, and this thing is NOT a Mustang. It's an insult to all the real Mustangs out there. Come on Ford, call it a E-Mach or a Mach-E, or anything else, but drop the Mustang name off this thing!

    9. Charles Garcia

      That's the ugliest thing from Ford since the Edsel

    10. On2wheels

      Last two new vehicles were Ford's, and of the three that I would consider buying one was the mustang. You've just eliminated one of those options for me. What's your battery recycle plan look like an how sustainable is that for the environment?

    11. Mamnoon Siam

      Complete Tesla rip off

    12. Matthew Ford

      Ford you are doing it right. I remember the “probe” fiasco.... This is NOT that.

    13. Jerry Miller

      The future is sometimes unsetteling..but I think I'm warming up to the new Mustang

    14. Sarah Michelle

      I think FORD looks so old right now, slow, out of date, behind the times and is just trying to catch up. No energy in the reveal, the models are not right, the design is not right, seems like a lot of old energy running the company, still holding on to the old times. Ford is not thinking outside the box and seems to be way behind in everything. Its like FORD is holding onto its heritage too much. People of today don't care about heritage so much...the ones that do can buy the old models. Time for new creativity. I think FORD should hire one of the consultants that gives Tesla their ideas. I know two of the consultants that Tesla secretly hires and they are way ahead of FORD, CHEVY, DODGE. Disappointing FORD.

    15. jo3y86

      Thank you Ford for having Idris as presenter. You both share the same dream. Family has no boundaries!

      1. Ford Motor Company


    16. A2 9S

      I have owned three and currently own a REAL mach mustang (mach1) and feel betrayed by the company I have been loyal to since able to drive! This will never be a mustang in my eyes!

    17. Oscar Walton

      Not a mustang putting this name on a crossover is shaimless 🤦 just call it the Mach e I like the idea of an ev crossover but with this name on it I won't buy it

    18. uzo

      Ford mustang 1964-2019 [*]

    19. Jond D

      Coming next, The Shelby MACH E

    20. Mhcpikachu

      An Electric mustang is fine, but a crossover is insulting to the car’s legacy. As a mustang owner I am thoroughly insulted by this decision. I was so proud of my mustang and you have devalued its namesake to a point of insult. This is a disgrace for a once proud American icon.

    21. Nisse Norell

      Okay, you could call it a muscEL(ectric) car, but another manufacturer already did that with their MuskELcar! 😂

    22. AshS

      Ford is fighting for its life. They had to use the mustang name, it was now or never to capitalize on its IP and fortunately for them I think it’s going to work. This thing looks sick, sign me up!

    23. garo el pimp


    24. garo el pimp

      This should have been capled the E-scape

    25. Korey Asher

      Imagine spending +40K on a car just to have people tell you everyday: “That’s not a Mustang”. Who needs that hassle?

    26. Adam Rodgers

      Fire whoever decided to put mustang on this vehicle.

    27. Ultima Gamer

      This is legitimately disappointing! Why ford??? This is not a mustang, a mustang is a sports muscle car, NOT AN SUV! You can’t just put mustang design elements on another car entirely, and say BOOM *NEW MUSTANG* This is a disgrace to the mustang name and legacy!

    28. NinjaDude_2018YT

      Made for Greta Gutenberg, not the Mustang Crowd

    29. Shadow The Hedgehog

      Looks like a rebadged tesla model x

    30. Boien Reyes

      the design looks like tesla and not ford.

    31. Killahkron1992

      Call it Ford Mach E remove ❌ the mustang

    32. Kris Phillips

      Camaro fans and Challenger fans now have a legit point to make fun of the Mustang. Oh how far we have Fallen. The Mustang Mach E is the beginning of the end of the Mustang as we know it. Just like the 58 Thunderbird was the end of the little two-seater roaster Thunderbird. Forever changing the image that the word Thunderbird conjures up. I fear the Mustang is now going down that same path. Slowly by slowly the old image of the Mustang is going to fade. #RIPMUSTANG #MustangMachE #NotAMustang.

    33. Matt

      Mach-E is a cool name. Mustang Mach-E is an embarrassment

    34. Donce Donniethegood

      that central screen needs to be bigger

    35. DJ ICE PICK

      Nice how much?

    36. Out Back Diecast

      WHY?????? Why would you do this, you guys should be SCARED SHITLESS, because this is the WORST thing you have done yet. Sure, create it, but don't call it something ITS NOT!

    37. catbert7's Gaming Highlights

      That was... quite the production ;p Seems Ford and tesla unveil events have gone to opposite extremes. Not a bad vehicle, though! Much better than I expected from Ford, TBH.

    38. Latrina Proctor-Jones

      I'm in Luv. Lol....

      1. Ford Motor Company

        We knew you would be 😉

    39. McRocket

      Who is the absolute MORON at Ford that decided to call this thing a 'Mustang'? What's next? Is Ford going to call the F-150 a 'Festiva'? So long as you knuckleheads call this thing a 'Mustang'...I will NEVER buy one.

    40. Doug Drewes

      I would second mortgage my house for a REAL Mustang Electric powered. Not another 4 door SUV. Anyone that doesn't see the difference doesn't understand it or the Mustang market. It was poor and lazy marketing. And/or they did not have the confidence that it could be a leader in an all new line of Ford electric vehicles. They could have called it the lightning, they own the name.. I am very disappointed I can't buy a electric Mustang, guess I will just have to convert one myself.

    41. Caleb Hermanson

      Bruh, this thing is the crustang

    42. Pam Hicks

      I want one!

      1. Ford Motor Company

        Couldn't blame you 😎 Reserve yours here:

    43. Kirby Team

      Your are high ford

    44. Shawn Mccarty

      Henry Ford would be ashamed?

    45. Shawn Mccarty

      American Muscle

    46. Chris b. Bacon

      I think the mustang has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria

    47. Russell Barton

      The "E" stands for "Electric Edsel" Ford's first great flop 1958-1960.

    48. Russell Barton

      Have you driven a Fraud lately?

    49. Ron B

      the marketing department needs to be FIRED. "NEW CAR,NEW ERA"--HOW ABOUT A NEW NAME? maybe call it the "SPARKX" WITH AN "X". see, was that so hard?!!! this must be the work of some dumb*ss who has no respect about car history or their fans. calling this a mustang... blasphemy.

    50. dynaflow74

      It `s if you call a chunk of tofu a steak.

    51. Joseph M.

      I dont even like Ford, but this seems like a kick in the nuts to real mustang owners. All you real mustang owners out there: hold on to yours, they will be goldmines later!

    52. Monkey Boi

      Ford why

    53. Eli Fearn

      crazy idea, but make this the new Escape and then go back to the norm, then bring back the Flex

    54. Johnny Thompson JnJ Mods

      I feel like throwing up and hanging myself, way to kill the the Mustang and everything she if this is the only body style then ill never own another new Stang. this is what it should of looked like.

    55. Ben Abrams

      I can't wait

      1. Ford Motor Company

        Counting the days 🔥

    56. Marion Morrison

      Four letter word indeed.

    57. pzkpfwiv freak

      what an abomination.

    58. jose torres

      If Henry Ford was still alive then he would fire the person who came up with the name to ruin the mustang

    59. Alex W

      So cringy, so much forced applause. How much did those people get paid to be there? Lol Plus all the staring at the teleprompter. Lol And was the choir and rap really needed?

    60. wvcorvetteman

      Should have never used the Mustang name on this disaster!