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Laura Lee

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    Hey Larlees, todays video is a my closet tour in my NEW home me and Tyler bought last year. I'm not gonna lie I consider my home my private happy place. So I did put off filming this video for along time, but you guys are like family to me and i've shared so much. This was my most requested video EVER so I decided to give my Larlees what they want, My Closet Tour. Thanks for watching!
    - Ps: home tour is coming in about 2 months, we are almost finished decorating. xo - Laura

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    Watch me test WEIRD AF makeup:

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    1. Laura Lee

      sorry about the echo :( Thumbs up for the dance montage.

      1. Ashlyn Brown

        Omg best closet ever girl

      2. jennyspaintingworld

        Thank you so much! Sì is my favorite perfume right now. Partly because the name is so positive. ( :

      3. GachaTuber Potato


      4. Mrs. Alena

        The dance is slutty with no class.

      5. Bibi Aisha Desai

        You are soo awesome and I'm so in love with closet!! God has blessed and may he keep blessing you 💕

    2. tokyo

      All that in ur closet and u wearing that figure vomit dress

    3. Iam Who

      Being a MNselr is like living on the edge ... Here you had min. 1 mio. views PER video... Now you need to do 2-4 videos to get 1 mio views ... Must be scary when you have a monthly spend on such a house, a expensive car etc... and you all of a sudden make a mistake and your income drops ?

    4. Subbu Lakshmi

      She is acting so crazy

    5. Camren Larry

      Take a shot every time she says 'gurl'

    6. Boom Box

      wait shes like 50 and trying to twerk

    7. Rupa Khadka

      Love ur closet .dont think of other....

    8. Sara Jefferson

      Girl , the Hot Pink Chanel bag go with what you’re wearing. You better rock that bag👜gurl

    9. Habiba Aly

      I'll laugh soooo hard if they turned out to be knockoffs

    10. Aishwarya Balachandran

      Omg that music in the headphone users😂

    11. Nina Belle

      Hi I’m moving in

    12. Michelle Haswell

      Hi Laura I'm from Scotland and just discovered your vlog. I loved your house tour. Can you do a more detailed kitchen tour please? Would love to see. X 🤗💕💕

    13. nana Nana

      7:45 Jaclyn Hill is that you

    14. Erikka Kartak

      Damn so many haters. People jealous as hell over here. Gtfo, don't like her? Don't fucking watch then. Mad she has enough money to buy all this from MNsel? Don't fucking comment. These dumbasses out here talking shit don't realize that every watch, comment, and ad that comes up gives her money. You literally are giving her money and then being mad she spends it. Wtf

    15. Jonathan Toxtli

      Her closet is dryer than my phone 😂😂😂 can’t relate

    16. Sali Humaid

      damn beauty gurus are rich so u know what that means it's time to change my youtube channel name to Sali Tutorials

    17. Ami Khan

      The comments below actually make me sad. Yes she could have had a better video without the dancing and swearing but couldnt we say that to her nicely? Also, if anyone thinks that her dancing will end her career, please remember that people have done a lot worse and still remain successful. Lets be classy when we comment people. Just because we think she isnt being classy in her video doesnt mean we shouldnt be. Peace

    18. Emille E.L

      Omg who is this. Nice closet. The dance is so...... scary

    19. Laura June Baran

      Oh my goodness so many hate comments. This is the first video of hers I watched.

    20. kimiya torabi

      I love you laura

    21. Olivia’s Adventures

      Her dancing in the beginning just made my mood 10x better 😂❤️

    22. Alicia Alexander

      Love you and your style. ! Still got over 4million followers and she is not going any where lol. Keep it up ! Loving this closet :) Please get rid of those plastic hangers though lol

    23. Hannah Morgan

      She looks like an awkward mannequin in the thumbnail. Surprised nobody said it yet.

    24. Jazmin Lacroix

      Stop hating she did a mistake y’all acting like u necer did any and it s soo obvious that y’all jealous broke asses

    25. Shana Cayce

      ❤❤❤❤ obsessed!! Wish I was Laura!

    26. S Morgan

      i didn't see what see was trying to shake

    27. Mason Young

      Did she just call her shoe a cunt at 7:20

    28. Grace Gilbertson

      She said she had 100 Jean and leather jackets and there were like 5 of each.

      1. Shea Shea

        Grace Gilbertson exactly haha

    29. MiniVlogs21

      How did I get here? I stopped watching you a while ago..and I'm not surprised at the number of views your videos are getting now. Sad... "living your best life" I guess

    30. Autumn Copeland

      I love ur video

    31. Tae Al

      Love it the story about the cat dragging your shoe had me 😂😂😂

    32. VPfyi

      Omg niceeeeeee. Bitchhhhhh u funny AF.

    33. The Mad Crafter

      I don't get why there are so many negative comments??????

    34. lungile buthelezi

      Haters gona hate

    35. TheDivaSpot101

      You remind me of the daughter in law that plays in Mama's Family

    36. Gracelyn

      Hope your happy you are making people feel like shit because you’re flaunting your money and expensive sh*t it seriously makes me feel like shit

    37. Kyla Paris

      I’m laughing at the comments from 6 months ago saying that her career is over. Ha that’s funny cuz she’s still thriving and better then ever!

    38. lunatikker

      girrrrrrl between your house and closet ur too organized....have a baby or something....girls got wayyyy too much time 🔥💛✨

    39. autumn hardy

      omggg you shouldn’t change your closet it is so pretty

    40. Eva Pickering13

      For everyone hating on her, why watch her if you're gonna be rude? to hate? What she ever do you to you?

    41. k10 LMS

      Her voice sounds cracking & she’s about to cry.

    42. Ness Smith

      She can’t dance for shit

    43. Jenny Kate Arguello

      Laura.... diff don’t have the glasses and I neeeeeed in my life.

    44. Manasseh Shmoney

      FYI Laura chokers are still in style! They never went out of style! 😘😘😘😘😘😘 love ya!!!

    45. Natalia

      like litterly everyone is complaining about you showing off your closet and half of them cant even walk in there closet

    46. MayaPaya

      Where are all the positive comments at???

    47. Finance Intern

      very lovely closet, house tour please

    48. Alissa Yang

      I find closest tours satisfying idk why tho

    49. Maryann Dicesari


    50. Denise Souza

      She is just........ 🤮 unfollowing!!!

    51. Amnah Fayyaz

      U wear heels to the gym

    52. Mary

      Stop hating her

    53. King Lucas

      you know younger viewers watch these videos so don't twerk because one of those younger viewers are me

    54. alhbeye O.

      ur trying to be funny that I start to pity u

    55. Hollie Xx

      I lost all my brain cells in the intro

    56. Leigh Apostol

      You should watch Theresa Romer so you will be educated

    57. Mikeala Cratchley

      Jesus if you don’t like her don’t watch her videos like dude it ain’t hard

    58. Emmy the Unicorn

      Wears red bottom high heels to Go grocery shopping, walk her dog, go to the gas station, and work out!

    59. Allison

      I'm so late on the Laura Lee bandwagon and I'm so mad I waited so long. Loooooove you and your videos!!!

    60. Bailey Clark

      Love her because she so extra