My REAL night routine with my family | get UNready with me | LAURA LEE

Laura Lee

Laura Lee

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    Hey Larlees, todays video is my real night routine with me family. I did this video vlog style so you guys could see what we really do at night time. I also show you guys my skin care routine! Let me know of you all want to see and pamper routine! ILY all thanks for watching! xo- Laura
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    1. Cayra Hernandez


    2. Emma Mae

      why is she famous? like not being rude. i just feel like i’ve heard of her from something but i can’t remember.

    3. Nigeria Parker

      You're beautiful and have the most perfect lips TMI, but ijs. May you share where you purchased your gold bracelet.

    4. Victoria Matos

      Am I the only one who thought her brows and eyelashes look weird

    5. Maya Ferguson

      Do a pamper routine please

    6. kittii

      yass!! Team Virgo

    7. Kiana Ramos

      She’s so genuine and patient I love

    8. Sabrina Varela

      Laura Lee can you make a video about things you usually cook at home?

    9. Jaime Sissel

      You’re such a great mom to your niece and I love you ❤️

    10. Samantha ivester

      Finally I'm not the only one that eats ranch with pizza

    11. Elisha Thomas

      I seriously love how down to earth you are!!

    12. Natasza Hryncewicz

      i loved to see not only the night routine but also typical night entertainment routine :P (sorry for my mistakes)

    13. West.side102

      I freaking luv Laura 😭can u be my aunt to😭✨😩💖💖

    14. Maia Kolbuck

      Why are u wearing ur bracelets in the showerrrrrr

    15. Jessica Rose Thomas

      Omg my dogs name is boo boo!!! Cute!

    16. lana stanberry

      Great Night routine

    17. KatTea

      Never been a fan but I love watching the lil family vids! Need a vid of the cats and their adoption stories!

    18. Rida Smali

      You would be such a great mom

    19. Caitlin Angela

      Eryn is beautiful and I just remembered who she reminds me of. She reminds me of Lily from Hannah Montana

    20. Phillip Yoysoy

      Do you have a tatto on youre body...??? & what is it.?

    21. Breezy B Ponder

      I have a makeup eraser too I love it and it’s sooo gentle

    22. Brooklin Korelle

      Omg ur like such a good mommas!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    23. Alayna Brehmer

      Your cat😂😭💗💗

    24. Liz Ashley

      I really wish I knew what it was like to get unready when the sun was still up! Looks so relaxing. Second shift probs

    25. FilmedByAnna

      pls do a pamper vid

    26. Kristin Hammond

      Girl close your mouth while you eat!

    27. Mykayla Niemczyk

      You’re a natural at being a mom. I wish I had this relationship with my aunt. She’s so lucky to have you.

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      which brand and color is the nail polish you have on in this video? the white

    29. Neoma Semora

      My cat steals my hair ties too every day smh. She would rather play w a hair tie than her toys

    30. Madison W.

      2:15 who else thought the cat was a rug. 😆 im a terrible person.

    31. Piper Gore

      you rlly are moming it out rn and that’s honestly so amazing!

    32. Jayleigh Leathers

      You are so good to eryn!

    33. Kc S.

      What kind of shampoo and conditioner?

    34. Megan Allen

      Love this video. It’s amazing that you adopted her 💕😭

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      I’m the same way but with pineapples I don’t eat them on the pizza but love the taste of the pineapple.

    36. chocolate Lover

      The office is the bomb!!! Love watching that show

    37. Eiman Kamal

      Your videos are forever therapeutic i love u sm 🖤🖤🖤🖤

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      Laura- Do you want jalapenos? Eryn- Yes Eryn- Gets pizza and picks them off hahah

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      Aw Laura this was so pure ❤️ love y’all

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      The roach 😂😂😂 I screamed too 😂

    41. Stephanie Carpio

      When you asked eryn what she wanted for dinner I got Gilmore girls vibes lol

    42. Nicole Peralta

      Laura! The best thing I’ve used for growing hair is the Vida Hair Growth system! Shampoo, conditioner, leave in, spray & a mask!

    43. Ash Xxx

      I love family Laura smmmm more than beauty guru Laura wow eryn is such a sweetie

    44. Crystal Dalley

      Love u guys so much. Your the most beautiful Laura Lee xoxox hi Erin ;) my son is just started 10th grade too. :))))

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      14:41 did anyone else see that eye roll?

    46. Marina Tsagaris

      Make sure you give her some healthy foods too! 😊

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      where did erin get her dangly earrings

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      i love your relationship with erin

    49. Brooke Humble

      You should vlog more, i loved this!

    50. Emily Olvera

      Despite everything that has happened I was never really a fan but seeing how you’re showing how you are behind closed doors is honestly so sweet , your a loving person and a mom Figure to Erin , love it and can’t wait for more vlogs !

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      You should do more vlog sort of videos with Erin!!!

    52. Jamie Woody

      I have three cats and you make me want more

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      I love these types of videos

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