Nick Jonas - Jealous (Official Music Video)



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    Nick Jonas “Nick Jonas” album available now:
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    Music video by Nick Jonas performing Jealous. (C) 2014 Island Records/Safehouse Records LLC, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Naughty Girlfriend

      I know you love me but I still get jealous🙈🙈 2020 who is here

    2. Malak Scandar

      The fact the I just recently discovered this song hurts my heart

    3. Patricia Bartosik


    4. Mukwe Yengo

      Who's here after the Voice

      1. Alexander Rivas


    5. Electric

      Not sure how the video is connected with the song but OK.

    6. lazu ardi

      flashback after his performance in the voice haha .. anybody here ?

    7. Frappuccino

      6 years and i still love this song

    8. Endy M

      Beyonce said she is too I guess it ego

    9. Claudine Montes

      Love it still my fav song

    10. Jewel Lucas

      Still a vibe

    11. 天

      I’m here for Nick jonas

    12. Angel Cockrell

      I'm confused why he doesn't have more video likes he deserves it

    13. jake the gemini

      Who came here after the judges performance in the voice

    14. Cooking With Ariana

      Still watching in 2020😩😩

    15. Antonella Medina

      Taee vlive queeeee

    16. Andrew ITC

      Come back hear again after The Voice US coaches performed

    17. Abdelhalim Istikla

      I proudly admit that this applies to me 100%.

    18. B. Giselle


    19. Viantz Pradz

      I watch this music video because Olivia Culpo!

    20. brenton howard

      Mmm I like it

    21. breanna vidco Mika

      Fish n chips the movie

    22. Jdeathmaster

      2020 anybody? No? just me? k

    23. Satta Lassanah

      Who’s here after that performance by the judges on The Voice

    24. Paul Ngata

      Hereafter that awesome performance of coaches Kelly, John, and Blake and Nick Jonas at the Voice 2020

      1. OMG Emojiis

        Me too, but I been knew this song. Just listening to it again.

    25. FleurChantes PrettySoliel

      Who's the lead girl!? She's really pretty

    26. Arya Shetty

      I'm watching this after I saw jealous in the Voice

    27. glad shanglai

      Im here after the voice

    28. Roger Ramah

      I think this is green screen, no?

    29. cryinginacoolway_ ilovelarry

      I think of Larry while watching this, what is wrong with me


      Why prynka Chopra is not here

    31. Maurice H

      Yooooo this is a banger and so real!! 32 year old male here 😂😂😂 #2020

    32. Alex

      Nick Jonas should make a part 2 to this song in a way and feature his love, Priyanka Chopra or make a whole new song with her in it. Nope, I didn't get this idea after watching "Nobody But You" by Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani lol

    33. the cell

      who’s watching this 2020😭👀💀

    34. Felipe augusto



      🔥🔥🔥 0:45 💜🔥💜 👇👇👇👇👇❣

    36. Funtime_Foxy

      2014: *Nah* 2015:Nah 2016:Nah 2017:Nah 2018:Nah 2019:Nah 2020:Yes

    37. Tata Fm Borahe

      How her Because taehyung 💜 حبيبي

    38. Lane Penny

      Larry videos, thank you💚💙

    39. Calantha Thompson

      If it’s not Jesse it’s definitely him as the turtle

    40. One Fizzy Cherry

      This Was SOOOOOOOOO nostalgic, what a ride! (2/02/20)

    41. Jade Anthony Barquilla

      Olivia Culpo welcome to your tape.

    42. Loecy thevoicetalent

      Who's pretty sexy model in this video clip?

      1. Cierra Danielle Jackson

        Loecy thevoicetalent Olivia Culpo, his ex

    43. Wilson S

      damn why nick she was perfect why were you so jealous nick?

    44. Arumaisah Awan

      i always sing this at dinner wen my sister steals my fries

    45. Erich Pearl Aras

      I think this song is for Selena Gomez😍😍

    46. Khilee Bundy

      I love this song

    47. Angel Cockrell

      I love this song as a black woman this is so real talk

    48. Aquanetta Elyfa

      I never imagined this, but now on February 14, 2020. I really fell in love with Nick Jonas, and I'm amazed by his love stories with Mrs. Priyanka Chopra. The way he love her is really romantic. I officially became one of Nick Jonas fans right now. Nick is very charming. I love his teeth, he's very gorgeous when smiling. 🌹🌹🌹

    49. NaN

      Who's listening this song on Valentine's day ?

    50. Riya Soy

      that model is woahhh!!

    51. Kristina Chin

      All of these beautiful Post modernist art references!!!!

    52. Mama Kitty

      Damn he's ripped. Look at those legs. Watch him box. Don't believe me? Watch whatta ma gotta do.

    53. Somita K

      It would be so sexy if someone get jealous of me on this Valentine haha

    54. Guy'sGuruGrades

      Grade school: "You're too pretty beautiful, and everybody likes you too" High school: "You're too sexy beautiful, and everybody wants a taste" College: "You're too fuckin' beautiful, and everybody wants your sex"

    55. Saad Kiyani

      So this is what Hazard does in his spare time

    56. Bobby Flowers

      this song almost makes me wish the jonas brothers would have stayed broken up

    57. Aditya kalaskar

      Here because of my friend joel mathews cover of this song.👌🏽

    58. AB Saga

      This song aged well. Speaking of his wife now

    59. Dianna

      Singing must be another of Jefferson "Seaplane" McDonough's strengths...

    60. Prangija 470