Nick Jonas - Jealous (Official Audio)



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    Nick Jonas “Nick Jonas” album available now:
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    1. Min Yoongi

      I still asking myself how and when did tae listen to this song Maybe in a vkook video hahhaha

    2. Daveion XX Barham

      Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston

    3. Mike Fun

      JC for real

    4. Sinead Cairns

      Nick wrote this song about me...

    5. Teebie Jones

      He can actually sing

    6. Official NoratubeHD

      So the vowels are a e i o u and there's also one that sometimes is Is _Y~_

    7. thiccy nykki

      Being a really possessive person, this really applies to a bunch of memories I have of crushes.

    8. Captain J

      I'm jealous asf right now

    9. John Carter

      I wish you didn't have to post it all. I wish it was only for me to see. Lol

    10. Clorox Bleach

      Jet for real for real

      1. Clorox Bleach

        @Mike Fun I'm positive.....

      2. Mike Fun

        You sure??

    11. TheMagpieAndHisTiger

      who's here after finding out this is jared padalecki's guilty pleasure song?

    12. Gage Sivils

      Talkin billis I needed now she selfish

    13. Haneen R

      From tae s live ?? 😂😂

    14. Ninja Kitten cathyz

      Here because of Taehyung. BTS - V 💜

      1. Lilly`sWorld

        Ew bts there everywhere

      2. good vibes

        I listened to this song when i was in middle school.

      3. good vibes

        I was here before that

      4. Azrael Engel


    15. Nochi _e

      Taehyung brought me here

    16. Farmineh Yazzie

      Nick jonas has a really huge weenie and it is hairy

      1. Emma Ablett


    17. Khim Hiddleston

      I luv every version of this tune. It makes me feel sexier whenever I listen to. 😂 Nick, you're brilliant !

    18. XMissChamakitaX

      RossLyhch Austin moon RossLyhch JustinBieber

    19. Daren Lee Bryant- Christensen

      I don't like the way he's looking at you me being me you want it on a platter or burnt 😍 because I'll off them love for you.😁😁😁😁😁

    20. PacificPilotNZL

      Forgot how much I loved this song until I heard it onboard a cruise ship today

    21. Ava Eastman

      2020 anyone?😂

      1. Empty world Here

        I just discovered this song😂

      2. Jhair Rigney

        Ava Eastman ikr

      3. Apple Martell

        YESSSS MEEE!!!!!

      4. Naty Craft XD

        Me! Helloooo! XD haha!

      5. lame Levi


    22. KMV

      Who’s here before the 2010’s end?

      1. G-Dawg

        This is a Nice song tho. My little sister and my mom saw the Jonas in September! And my sister has a crush on Nick Jonas.

      2. lara sansoya

        G-Dawg lolololol

      3. G-Dawg


      4. lara sansoya

        G-Dawg lol I think that’s ending in FEB!¡ lol I’m acc running FORTNITE Rn lmaooo but tbh I don’t think it’s like chapter 1 ending🤣 this is much more 🧨 💥 💥

      5. G-Dawg

        It’s like fortnite chapter 1 ending!!!

    23. Tj Hayes


    24. Vanessa Robinson

      I'm a BIG FAN

    25. هناء نريج

      مـــيـــن🥰 يـــرحـــب🥰 بــــي🥰 يــضـغط لايـــك🥰ويـراسـلـنـي خـــــاص واشـترك بقنـاتـــــــي واتــساب**00212.645.939.456*💋💋💋

    26. Terence Martin

      who sings this song when it comes on just me?

    27. Mariah Griffith


    28. Marci R Wilcox

      The Jonas Brothers 🙃😜🤤😎

    29. jimmy o

      Still jammin👍

    30. Ethan Matthews

      Vowels a e i o u and sometime

    31. Gordon Ramsey

      I just remember this song because this song was playing on a video of how to get minecraft for free lol

    32. Teresa Drączkowska

      Jealoouuss we all are but we should to be if we lovvee Reall .

    33. Richard Glazebrook

      Love it 2019 💜🕊🎵🕊💚

      1. Sunny Day

        Right? I’m blessed to spend my teenager life with artists like Nick Jonas 😍

    34. ez wider


    35. Selena Rodgers

      Your my favorite from the the Jonas brothers 💘

    36. Selena Rodgers

      I love ❤️ you Nick

    37. Krystal Navarro

      Ur to sexy beautiful and everybody what a TASTE that's y!🎶 😋💕

    38. readily jonas


    39. Michelle Marie

      I still prefer him with Olivia

    40. Jessica Brennan

      I moved to a very small town , the grocery store closes at like 2 in the afternoon on sunday.. I was getting ready to do dishes and wanted to hear some radio songs and I cruised patiently for probably 3 hours. Dishes got done and I made dinner and my friend joined me. Finally something came on the radio and this is it so I'm turning it up and start dancing. Neighbors called the cops. Cops came and politely told us the situation. I think I turned it up. Suddenly I realize this is my moment to break shit in my boyfriends house since im possibly losing everything in my near future and so i did. I was having so much fun to this song like it was the last song im going to hear for awhile. I imagine it was sexy , lol, the scene I remember in my head and the way I felt. Lol. He and I are still friends. I do not live there anymore and I still have my lovely cats_they stay at moms..

    41. Brandt Baron

      This song is not only clever and awesome, it's relatable.

    42. P-Dog

      This song is so good. Like a hot fresh meal.

    43. Zull Ismail


    44. Miguel Garcia


    45. Devin Gragg

      I still get fucking jealous....

    46. May

      it's nearly the end of this decade 😢😢

      1. May

        @jo camble 💀😂

      2. jo camble

        Thank God

    47. Anilu Amador

      Nick jonas 🥰🥰🥰🙏😍😍😍

    48. daniela hernandez

      nick jonas es muy guapo enserio y adoro esa cancion me vuelve loca como el ami ja ja ja

    49. Amazing dan and phil

      Everything one gets hurt best to hute the bad person ok 👌 :)

    50. SuperGaleford

      The Israeli version goes “Oy veh it’s me, I’m Mellish. I still get jealous.”

    51. Nickitysplit123

      Dogs: bark bark Cats: meow meow Retards: 2019? 2019?


        Don’t make fun of those unfortunate enough to be medically defined as “retards” please

      2. u n

        @Nickitysplit123 accidentally typing

      3. Nickitysplit123

        u n What?

    52. Anthony Robinson

      harris teeter send me here

    53. Faith Fischer


    54. Uncle Sweets


    55. Divina L

      Wow it's been 5 years already

    56. TF Conor

      Lmao this was my feels song when I was 10

    57. Sara Maria


    58. Aurora Diamond Rainbow Morning-Star

      I kno

    59. Jonelle D

      Hes always been my favorite brother. 🤗😎

    60. Gothic pink

      My favorite