Rescue Dogs Buried In Giant Pile Of Rocks... Rescue Dog Story Touched Millions Of Hearts

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    Rescue Dogs Buried In Giant Pile Of Rocks... Rescue Dog Story Touched Millions Of Hearts
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    Hello everyone! Today we rescued a very ferocious dog stuck under a huge pile of stones. See this, the dog sees the stranger as very aggressive. We were walking on the street and heard the loud puppy talking. I stopped the car and headed for the pile of stones looking for a cry. But I didn't hear the cry anymore so I didn't know where the puppy was. I found the dog, it was inserted by large rocks. The dog is so pitiful. But seeing strangers the dog is very aggressive.
    We have a hard time approaching the dog. I think there is a need to get some food to get used to the dog. While my friend went to buy some food, I tried to get to know the dog. But it seems that the dog is frightened so it is difficult to contact strangers. Fortunately, I touched the dog. See this, the dog loves to ride a motorbike. I'm bringing the dog home. I gave the dog milk, it was so big that I could eat it this way. Currently the dog is much healthier and gradually gets acquainted with everyone in my family. Thank you for watching this video! If you like, raise your thumb to encourage us and the pitiful dogs! Goodbye everyone!

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      The dog is so cute.... Such a fighter.....

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      thank you so much . god bless you . im eric from iran

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      Wow, it's a really nice video that's healing. Thank you so much for your wonderful performance

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      Thank you for all the encouragement of everyone! If I could meet such a situation, I would try to handle it better. The dog is peaceful and healthy, we will take care of the dog in the best way!

    22. Anya Vlad

      He is not a human baby therefore ,wont understand the hand clapping ...dogs don't like when you wave or clap hands before them, they take it aggressively thinking you're trying to harm them. Just food and a soothing tone of voice ! Good job tho. Thanks for saving the poor pup. Hope hes healthy and safe!!

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      Thats really Beautiful what you made♥️ but the Puppy can die if you not comes. i thanks for these humans♥️

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      He is a beautiful puppy. You'll be lucky to have him and he'll be eternally grateful to be rescued by you. Good luck!

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        Thanks you verry much!

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      The thing is that got me scared is that they might have left a dog or a puppy but god bless you and keep saving those dog and puppies

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      He wasn't aggressive, just scared.

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      Are you there to help or irritating that puppy?it will take no time to remove stones.

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      she wrote "its so big i could eat it this way"......?? hope thats just a typo... im worried about the dog...and also , this looks like a setup.

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      Thank you for saving this beautiful baby. Please keep the puppy safe in your family. Thanks again from the USA🙌🏾👍🏿🐶🐶

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      It looks like someone put him on that pile of rocks. Poor doggo.🙁🙁

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      Dog rescue

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      You should take something for puppy,it will friendly . Thank you so much for your helping poor puppy

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