SML and Chilly School Episode: EXTRA CREDlT!!


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    MNsel was giving me a problem with uploading tonight so that's why its almost 5am and I'm finally uploading...
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    1. Brittain Washington


    2. Fjuskf

      Love all of your videos and also SML SLL SBL

    3. Jose Limas

      who else hates mustard

    4. super DESTROYER

      I feel uncomfortable...THIS GETS A LIKE

    5. Mmamoraka Legong


    6. golden games 12

      Man that bucket needed to use the bathroom

    7. Jeremiah Uhila

      Is it just me or does Rebecca kinda sound like Damaris , Chilly and Tito's older sister.

    8. james Martin

      James Martin's

    9. Nigel-ray Garcia

      I have a story in school Long story short A kid thought he was funny and he decided to punch me in the nose he thought it was funny but me and 4 friends didn’t so we all punched him in the face once. Lowkey don’t do what i did i got in school suspension Please use

    10. Loserbot 3000

      You should put Patrick in the next skit

    11. yvng.Savege kid

      Im eating hot dogs right now lmao

    12. keanna basketrabbit

      Who else enjoys this series like if you emjoy

    13. GDP Gaming

      NoW mY mOm WoN't BeAt Me. Lol

    14. No! No!

      Thums up if you think that launce shoud be in one of these

    15. Kylie’s Korner

      Is Rebecca Tito girlfriend?

    16. Bloodhound 115

      I fucking hate Rebecca

    17. Jeremiah Putulik

      Why is he recording her a lot

    18. Not DrawPaw

      It looks like it would be a Toxic relationship with Rebecca

    19. Not DrawPaw

      Dead ass thats how girls dress in my school

    20. Brooke Clark


    21. Brittany Riedel

      R340098564098 /7818181919190qms1n2s9n2sins2ni2din ojxeihexi

    22. Abhimanyu Moti

      When me and my sister are fighting she calls me a 1:27

    23. Cristin Johana Perez

      In my old school my first grade teachear sold candy

    24. Emmanuel Gomez

      Who els loves the video

    25. jojothe gamerboy

      I made you some pictures

    26. Jennifer Kerwin

      Rebecca desk says jeffy all over it

    27. Kathi Burns


    28. Creditepond Perez

      Boob sexy u are 😛😛😍

    29. ChrisOrWhatever

      So we aren’t gonna talk about how slick Logan was at 8:38... 😂

    30. Nakyla Boldt

      One time I was in third grade and we're doing science with rocks and one of the rock something to my desk and the teacher thought I stole it cuz I was getting a pencil and I live I was getting a pencil so I left off my desk and and the rock fell end and I had a step 4 and she thought I stole it so about that one called my parents it was horrible I was crying

    31. Orlando Reyes

      So in my elementary school there was this teacher ho got mad at the hole class because one kid did not want to take his jacket off so he can go to the bathroom and he almost got detention soo yeah we all hated him he was are reading substitutes teacher also it was really funny he did not know anything 😂

    32. your Antidote

      Becca looks like a pornstar

    33. Solid Gamer

      Once I was having breakfast in my classroom and a kid stole my pancake so I got a whole apple and threw it at him so he fell and I got sent to the office while he got sent to the nurse and the teacher spit at me when I came back from the office so I went to sleep when I woke up the same kid was trying to t-bag me so I dragged him out of the school and got expelled

    34. Kyle Fire

      Is anyone else looking at Rebecca's tits or is it just me btw idk if i spelled the name right so correct me if im wrong

    35. BrandonBrandon

      Logan:Hey Rebecca how you doing Chilly :what the fuck

    36. The Joaquin Show

      Tbh kinda thicc

    37. Ron

      Rebecca sexy

    38. Jonathan Cardoza

      My teacher would give the my hole class Fs even if we get the subject right.😐

    39. ffranger 19

      Wow he is crazy when it comes to Rebecca 😂

    40. ッMxnty-Solar

      Rebbca might ruin Logan and chills relationship

      1. ッMxnty-Solar

        @XxMetalAntxX 1 yep

      2. XxMetalAntxX 1

        ッMxnty-Solar are you saying she is going to cheat on Tito