Surprising My Dog With His Girlfriends

Tucker Budzyn

Tucker Budzyn

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    Surprising My Dog With His Girlfriends

    Tucker just loves to play with his best friends. Today we decided to surprise him with his favorite puppy girlfriends. It was the best day of his life!

    Featuring: @journees_journal_ & @posie_the_golden

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    1. Apex 05

      Ur dogs speak English They literally have PhD They understand every single word

    2. Sue & Greg Chapman

      3:16 lol

    3. Lightning wolf studios -head quarters

      Hold up he has two girlfriends 😟

    4. Chicken Nugget

      I like Journee x Tucker better because it seems she and him dated first. Posie is just a third wheel honestly

    5. Chicken Nugget

      Tucker a playa

    6. Jason Shlez

      3:05 ticker immediately going for butt sniffs

    7. Lola Tweedie-Situe

      CUTE little doggies

    8. SSMLDJ Mii Gamers

      As soon as Linda told Tucker that he can't come, he was already to plan a scheme to go.

    9. Delphin luu

      Wait did she just say girlfriendS

    10. Trisha Hoffman

      My dogs name is Tucker he’s a beagle

    11. Okakel

      Tucker is so cute!!!!!!

    12. Okakel


    13. My Lil Demon Pet

      I want Le girl frens

    14. marie rupert

      Hello I’m hungry 😋 I Laugh 😆🤣😂

    15. Gacha Rose

      One of Tucker’s Girlfren:henlo, am hungry

    16. Micheal Esposito

      We have 3 male corso’s in Italy they don’t see female dogs lots when they see one they go crazy

    17. Bonilla Lorenzana

      I have two golden retriever


      Why does trucker hump them? And what does humb mean?

    19. Ronnie Wilks

      My name is journey XD

    20. Claire Thompson

      Dang, Tucker’s a player............... He has two more lovebirds than me..........

    21. Akelife _

      I just discovered this channel, And I'm speechless. So much *CUTENESS* Btw Instant Sub

    22. Alessandra Oppenheim Horsky


    23. Form

      And I don’t even have one lol

    24. Majika Spark

      When a dog has 2 more girlfriends than you...

    25. red panda

      Damn this dogs gets more action than i do!


      maya when she came into tuckers house when tucker is with his girlfriends maya:henlo- WAT R U DOIN IN MAH BOIFREN

    27. lysa82

      Where is Maya????

    28. Romilla Faria

      So cute

    29. John Whitchurch

      I love golden retrevers.they are the best in the world

    30. Matthew Gutierrez


    31. Bryan Bell

      3 fluffy dogs in the pool one of the dogs take the hose out me: that.........I’ve seen

    32. Sonia Guerra


    33. Sonia Guerra

      he have to choose my girl to do it to UwU

    34. Rovin Regala


    35. Penka Moreno

      Ready to meat your girlfriends? Me crying in my sleep

    36. Jacqueline Joorawon


    37. Samantha Muniz

      Tucker like girl friends

    38. The Dimond Sword

      You think that a lot I have 5 dogs

    39. Random account

      I don’t even have a boyfriend and a dog does???

    40. Happy Channel

      I love when you go on a play date

    41. Sophie dunne

      Tucker makes me happy when I'm sad

    42. Banana The Banana

      He’s got All the Ladies 😏😂

    43. Alessandra Oppenheim Horsky

      Love Tucker 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐶🐶🐶🐶

    44. Zak Hammond

      How cute

    45. Leas Hestekanal

      Wow Wuf

    46. *Galaxy LPS*


    47. *Galaxy LPS*

      Do you mean girlfriends or like friends that are girls cause idk

    48. Colby Figueroa jr

      i think tucker is a pervent UwU

    49. Reshma Muthukumar


    50. Shadow Princess

      Can a male dog have 20 girlfriends?

    51. Ray Philippa`s Sandbox

      Such a player he got 2 girlfriends.

    52. MossTheFox_Hybrid :3

      Linda: "to many doggos" me: U CAN NEVER HVE TO MANY DOGGOSSS >:D (i actully am a animal lover so i love all of em but still bro-)

    53. Yamilet Valdovinos

      Omg posie me lol 😂

      1. Yamilet Valdovinos


      2. Yamilet Valdovinos

        I wish I had the skills of that dig

    54. N00by 00fy

      Title wrong it is *Surprising mah dwog wit hit gurlfrien*

    55. It’s Livi

      The ACTUAL cutest ship

    56. Ian Castillo 2!!!!

      How does this dog have not one but TWO girlfriends and I am a loner???

    57. layla___278XD laylaea

      Sooooo cute 😍😙😘😚

    58. Amy Metz


    59. The Sisters’ Toys and Dolls

      If u dislike this video!!! You hate Puppies!!!! I love Puppies aka Everybody loves these cute little puppies Were you a fan of Tucker and Linda before 2020? 👇🏻

    60. SomeHowAnimeFan03 YT

      Linda: Guess what? Tucker: Chicken butt