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Laura Lee

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    Hey Larlee's this video is about the best drugstore foundations. I mention foundations for oily skin, dry skin, combination & normal skin. Basically you name it I got a recommendation lol. Thanks for watching don't forget to enter my giveaway! xo- Laura
    Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation
    Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation-
    L'Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion foundation-
    L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation
    Revlon colorstay -
    Milani 2 in1 foundation -
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    1. Kat c

      Love love love watching you so funny and beautiful

    2. Dshay Martian

      MNselr: sings intro *spongebob meme* yea imma head out.

    3. Candi Lynn


    4. Selena Casper

      Owly skin huh? 🤔

    5. Busybeexx

      The milani completely sucks

    6. Kimberly

      Olay skin? Lol

    7. Julie Tilgner

      You're weird. Can't watch you anymore.

    8. Megan Campbell

      Do you have any good affordable primers to recommend!?

    9. Theresa Vogel

      1:42 is where the video actually starts

    10. chenoa rs

      “normal to orly skin”

    11. BaRNeYDeDinOsAur y


    12. NJ Face Painting Entertainment

      At Wal-Mart litterally watching you over and shopping

    13. Alisha Marie

      Miss your funny personality lately.

    14. Nicky Swift

      Is Milani ok to wear?? Er is it just gonna look awful 😕😐

    15. citynightfrights


    16. snatched wig

      *Your sub count is dropping faster than my grades*

    17. Mey Mey Hiek

      Fit Me does not blend in my face and kinda caky on my face unlike other foundations. Maybe it’s just me

      1. Nicole

        Mey Mey Hiek mine does the same thing don’t worry

    18. Itz Noel

      I'm 14 I really want to get my nose pierce my dad says I have to wait till I'm at least 16

    19. Clara Kristine

      Nose rings don't hurt, I was just a little nervous so I had to have a hand to hold when he pushed through the needle

    20. Maria Walters

      What do you think about the Revlon age defying foundation I think it says 3X on it? Thank you Laura Lee 💄

    21. LexRose

      I'm 12 as of right now, and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for covering up self-harm scars. 😖

      1. LexRose

        AlliMcPeak 13. Okay, thank you, I will look into it. :) <3

      2. Allie McPeak

        Lexy Rose tattoo coverup stuff (idk what it’s called)

    22. Lemonade Stand

      I think theyre discontinuing the lumi cushion.

    23. Kiara Simerly

      The second foundation you talked about is 5e one I picked up at at ulta today so now I’m very excited to use it :) thank you!

    24. emily markx

      I don't recommend the Loreal Lumi cushion foundation for pale people. I have the lightest shade, and it's my bronzer shade.

    25. fiddling_whales

      The Milani foundation doesn't settle into my pores around my nose

    26. Aarushi Agrawal

      girl your video saved my day

    27. Jello Fellow

      Terrible singing.

      1. emily markx

        Jello Fellow she's not trying 😂

    28. Brianna Thompson

      My problem is I can’t find my shade at drugstores and it pisses me off my sister says they have beauty consultants and there suppose to help you but there never at the stand ugh 😑

    29. Alexis Raybon

      I have super super oily skin in my t-zone but everywhere else stays super dry and matte foundations just dry me out any tips and ideas?

      1. Llama

        Alexis Raybon why not try a matte primer in your t zone and a regular one everywhere else

    30. Raniya.

      Normal to Ollie skin :D

    31. Miller Jollo

      Hi Laura ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🇩🇰🇩🇰

    32. Melanie Brown

      your personality is so similar to Britney Spears's! you're so cute!

    33. Myra York

      Is the Melani foundation good for dry skin?

    34. QUEEN_ MSP

      When I was 12 I got my nose done.. It barley hurts. If you love something I would do it :) It looks good on you

      1. emily markx

        LEMON_ MSP I want to get a nose piercing so much, but I'm 12 and I've neve gotten a piercing lol

    35. Hannah Oldham

      LAURA I just wanted to tell you that I CANNOT BELIEVE IT TOOL ME 38372 YEARS TO FIGURE OUT THAT THE MILANI CONCEAL + PERFECT FOUNDATION HAS A PUMP ! I was unscrewing t and applying it like the Marc Jacobs applicator and low and behold, u was doing the wrong the whole time. In case u didn't know anyone, the top just Pops of and you pump way better

    36. BrookeDoesntFingKNOW

      I'm saving this for later watching but just had to say you are killing that brown? Lip!

    37. Angie Monroy

      It's so funny that I'm looking at this because I seen her one time and she was actually really rude I was so saddened by that

    38. Anda Bushi

      I love that Laura incorporates loads of drugstore products in her videos 💞

    39. Kirsten Crowe

      I have so many freckles. I wish I could find an affordable foundation that will cover them completely.

    40. Cat Eyes

      just noticed so many you tuber's have shiny white highlight balls at the tips of their noses...reminds me of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer...

    41. psygirl26

      nail colour?

    42. Cathryn Golob

      I was wondering about the Milani 2 in 1 and I will take your word on the finish I will take the risk of possible oxidizing

    43. BrittanyDavies

      Such a helpful video!! This is what i’ve been looking for!!!

    44. Stormey McMaster

      "Winter is coming.."

    45. Shannon McCormick

      There's probably some makeup genius in the comments here...😂 so I'm looking for maybe a medium coverage (but preferably full coverage) affordable foundation that won't look super cakey (idk if that's possible but oh well😂) I get a lot of redness and acne on my is there any recommendations? 😊 Also help a girl out and recommend acne products and stuff to help with redness and skin discoloration.... Thanks xx

    46. Just Youurrbw

      She looks like logics x

    47. Priscilla Zavala

      Omg Laura pls let me know when ur doing another MacBook Pro give away its a dream to own one I will never have enough money for one so why not try to win one right?? Kk love you if u read this pls reply woman love u Bye❤️

    48. Whitney Overson

      I loveee your makeup so muchhh😻😻

    49. Mattie R.

      You're gorgeous and talented and do good videos... but not funny. Comedienne you are not, beautiful your are.... stick to content. You might have more subscribers. Cheers!

    50. Jasmine Skye

      GURL you should totally et your nose pierced. It doesn't really hurt. Like i'm 14 and I got mine done at 13/14 and it just makes your eye water a tiny little bit and duuuude it's totally worth it. (ik i'm late lmao leave me alone hahah)

    51. Morghan Parker

      I'm LIVING for your look right now!

    52. m f

      I use the fit me foundation, 112 or 115 in the winter, and in the summer I use 124 and sometimes a darker color depending on how much I tan. And I also use the Milani foundation occasionally, don't remember the shade though 😂💀

      1. m f

        But the fit me matte and poreless doesn't really work because my skin is so oily it just comes off, and looks Cakey and gross, while the milani stays but it's cakier and heavier.

    53. Denisse C

      Today I picked up the Maybeline dream cushion, already having second thoughts, I do not wanna look like a glazed donut. Fit me sucks!!! I hate it.

    54. Tawana Taylor

      it doesnt hurt that bad,honestly,slight pinch

    55. Elly Bain

      I use the Milan foundation and I really like it

    56. Noella Albino

      you're so cute and entertaining to watch lol

    57. Gabrielle Tornow

      The Maybelline Fit Me was an absolute disaster for me. I came home from school and it was CRUMBLING/PEELING OFF MY SKIN!!! I had to wipe it off before I went to dance. It was terrible.

    58. Suzana Miljević

      I love your sense of humour: ''God, is that you?'' :D You had me laugh out loud. :) Awesome job. Thanks for the information.

    59. Helen Yar!

      She talks to damn much

    60. Skylar s

      Matte and poreless is such a good foundation BUT if you have acne/acne prone skin it will break you out! It made my acne so much worse after wearing it 3-5 days a week for a few months 💔