There's Still Hope...

Unus Annus

Unus Annus

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    The Barrel has left us and is with the great mechanic in the sky... but there may still be hope. Through the power of song, we may be able to bring her back. Upload your video using #RIPTheBarrel in the description and we'll pick the winner one week from now. Who knows, maybe... just maybe, we'll be able to make a miracle happen.
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    This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
    Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
    Memento Mori.
    Unus Annus.

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    1. Panic! At The Twenty Øne Romances

      I feel like Ethan is the cute soft villain

    2. Production 360

      The barrel will be remembered 🌹 we will all miss her ... du i can’t 😣😖😫😫😫😩😩😭😭😭😭😢😥

    3. Crunchy Blocks

      I can see the camera person in the play button.

    4. Agrima Mathur

      I have literally no musical talent

    5. Viviana Gonzalez

      if this is a cult I am in :P

    6. Axikia


    7. AseTori

      Sometimes I worry this channel is a suicide pack we all unknowingly joined and when the clock strikes zero we'll all be died. Hopefully not

    8. Kiri K

      reminds me of spy kids

    9. Kydatyvegrybatokeanvisoko

      "Musical talent" Well damn I ain't that good at the ocarina yet but I can try By try I mean not because I'm a month late

    10. Animation Nation

      Unus annus

    11. Carlos Medina

      I’m disappointed I subscribed about a month later to this, I’m trying to catch up now. Lmao

    12. Jeon Jungkook

      I thought they said fucked list😂😂😂

    13. Antisocialbean

      *"musical talent"* Me: **starts playing chopsticks on my almost 100 year old out-of-tune piano** Me: Talent? Yeah dudes I got heaps of dat shit

    14. mood the goat

      Am I the only one that is confused of what to do

    15. prod. bigdumm


    16. Alyssa Roseman

      is it just me or does ethan flare his nostrils during all these speech-type videos

    17. Kayley Baker (Student)

      “Musical talent” Me: pulls out my otamatone and heavy squeaks the highest pitch

    18. Winter Collinns

      Who else for some reason LOVES the music in the beginning whenever they make announcements.

    19. Mary Lucretia

      May I politely ask what the heck is this

    20. Decent Doodler

      "Musical talent" Me holding a jar of mayonnaise questioning my life

    21. Venetin Official

      Oh.. Well, that was something i could have done, but didn't cuz i wasn't up to date. Unus Annus has bitten me

    22. ovaljester 7859

      can we get the bloopers from these videos

    23. Theawkwarduck

      The reflection on the play button was trippy for some reason

    24. Yasu Hitoro


    25. Amanda Kelly

      A new challenge...

    26. xBIsMe

      Commenting on every video pt.25

    27. Angel Jackson

      We did it

    28. Cheyanne Forbes

      The only talent I have is musical talent and OF COURSE I missed the one time I could’ve won something 😂

    29. Victoria Rose Covers

      What!!!! I wish I saw this earlier 😭

    30. Jess Thomas


    31. UrbanRose

      By the time I subscribed I was too late

    32. Talesca

      Hope is still out there

    33. Samaire Angelique

      I'm so fucking sad that I missed the music competition x.x I wanna sing at these dudes

    34. Bronwin G

      My talent is my imagination of having a musical talent🙈

    35. Ainsleee M

      You can see their serious facades breaking and them trying not to smile

    36. Yokora -dono

      so sad I missed this wth. RIP barrel

    37. hero13

      What's the barrel?

    38. Model2K

      MNsel put the comments back where they belong

    39. Ghost Toons

      wow. a channel that still is only lasting for 1 year still gets play buttons. thats suprising.

    40. BlueInk

      Unus Annus ;)

    41. Cryptid Trash

      mark and ethan: musical talent me: *whips out garageband*

    42. SᴜɢᴀʀKᴀᴛシ

      i wish i had seen this before so i could've joined in

    43. Van Zyl van der Merwe

      00:07 “By this time there should be no confusion that the choices we make have consequences” Nah I’m still pretty confused

    44. Jayla M.

      Wtf does this have 999k views? Thats really damn creepy..

    45. Oober Noober

      Yeah I'm watching this when 3 weeks have been up but I really want to make a video I have 2 good songs in mind

    46. Stephanie Tai

      I’m too late :(

    47. Jed Mcspedden

      Does anyone care that Juice WRLD died on this day.

    48. Bella Buxton

      after the barrel incident, i understand why ethan is in black suit

    49. dead cute

      Dam it I missed it, I would have posted a video if I found this sooner I'm a couple weeks to late, I literally have a acoustic electric next to my bed and I could have been knewn, I might have been able to get shows and possible get payed, the money would have helped, any ways congratulations to the winner🙂

    50. 01turtleboy08 gaming

      I already HAVE made videos, they're in my yt channel, they're mostly all music too.

    51. Pika Slasher

      God dammit

    52. Caitlyn Saenz

      “musical talent” me and my guitar: **F# SCREECH NOISES**

    53. Little Pocket Studios

      im so said i missed this. I fell behind on the videos =(

    54. Mackenzie Sigler

      Fuckkkkk I wish I wouldve known about this channel sooner

    55. Lil Mark

      Dude I would of nailed this

    56. Cristy Tondeur

      I hope this mean we can save Markiplier's channel.

    57. Maggor Boot

      Gold fart

    58. StaticNebula26

      Day 24 of commenting on every video

    59. Kenya the Clam

      Unus Annus

    60. Refresh 1

      RIP THE Barrel