These 10 Dogs Are Most Dangerous


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    There are some very dangerous animals on earth, but domesticated dogs are not. it’s unfair to callously label a dog as dangerous.
    Nevertheless, it can’t be helped that some dog breeds have more potential to cause serious harm if the dog were to decide to attack.
    Lastly, It is important to note however that most dogs are bred with the desire to please their masters.
    Thus most incidents involving dogs stem from improper training and harsh ownership.
    Therefore, we have listed 10 most dangerous dog breeds focus on the potential of a dog to cause serious injury. We hope you enjoyed it 🙏
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    1. Johnkenneth Cailing

      aspin is my favorite breed hehe


      Uhm Tibetan Mastiff

    3. Gacha Girl

      I love rod willer

    4. deathlogs

      I trust my kids more with my wolf dog then humans my 11 mouth old son will fall asleep on him and he will not move tell my son wakes up. But god help the person that try's to do harm to my son.

    5. Adam Hemric

      1 sold be dovermen

    6. Christopher argueta

      I saw a pig with big ass ballsacks

    7. xiw0lfie roblox an gacha question is will they hurt kids? °^°

    8. Tracy Burgess

      No dogs are dangerous there all so kind and they get trained to be mean I love all dogs no matter what

    9. Dark Wolf

      All dog are not dangerous it is just the bad owner.

    10. zapee boy

      Dogs arent dangeros

    11. ayushman joshi

      You missed kangal.💪

    12. Josh Fahrney

      Any breed can be Dangerous just like humans can be Dangerous. 🐺😇🐺

    13. Kaitlyn Bryant

      All Pit bulls are not fucking dangerous it’s how you raise them I’ve have 4 pit bulls and all 4 are the sweetest dog ever I’m so tired of people saying have dangerous pit bulls are when it’s the fucking people that make them that way

    14. Brokegabby XD

      My dad has a pit bull but it doesn’t live with us

    15. Brokegabby XD

      I have the tosa inu

    16. Brokegabby XD

      I have a bull dog bully a pug and a tea cup poodle

    17. Stephanie Franks

      My favorite was the 1 breed because it is similar to a wolf

    18. Alicia Quinn

      Where’s cane corso

    19. Amy Goodman

      My blue hiller she has bit several people btw her name is misty

    20. Akeelah Simon

      My dog is a German Shepherd and it is not bad

    21. Drayton 1983

      Chow chow

    22. Tetea Lalchhanchhuaha

      I didn't see kangal

    23. Ika Miki

      Most dog breeds if not all, just need a good owner and love. Except Caucasian shepherd. They are not typical dogs, you know when people say you can't domesticate wild animals? Well they are wild dogs from Caucasus mountains. They are adorable and cute fluffy bear like dogs, till they get angry at something silly like a bird or a cat in their property. If you have a sheep or cows to protect on the huge field where people never go, get that dog. But if you live at the places where people walk around , unless you want those people dead don't get that adorable but killing machine dog.

    24. Annie Kaye Lacaba

      How about doberman????

    25. Kristy Morin

      It depends how people train them, treat them, and how the dogs personality is.

    26. Sm Naeem garden.

      DJ bravo is my life

    27. Sm Naeem garden.

      DJ bravo

    28. mer8771

      Who came up with the order? Is there some information on how you derived the information; or was it just an order you found?

    29. Donovan Hendricks

      I have 3 presa canarios and they are the smartest and most loyal dog ive ever had they have no sign of aggression ig its just how they are trained all dogs can be dangerous if not trained right ive never been bit by a pit or rot or a presa so alot of people like to use the stereotypes

    30. Joli is Me

      A short horror movie ❗️😱

    31. juan perez

      The most dangerous dogs is my dog Rex is because he is big and jump high

    32. kala sala

      How about Kangals

    33. Gabrielle Foutch

      my favorite dog is wolf hybrid.

    34. David Official TV

      No dog is dangerous itts about how the trainer trains the dog

    35. Sudhanshu yo

      Kangal dog

    36. Thomas McEuen

      German shepherds or wolves

    37. Fortnite Mobile By Myself

      my dog is a 14lbs border terrier/poodle and acts like she’s a pit bull. Hey but don’t worry you just need to feed her carrots 🥕 and then she’l love you

    38. makaveli


    39. makaveli


    40. makaveli


    41. makaveli


    42. makaveli


    43. Jino Venti

      mine is pit bull and labrodor retrievers and pugs

    44. Jordan Lee

      All dogs are cool

    45. Gamingonmobileishardforme saveme


      1. Gamingonmobileishardforme saveme

        @Christopher argueta Nah homie, I'm not.

      2. Christopher argueta

        You ok homie?

    46. Giorgi Saluqvadze

      not caucasian, georgian shepherd! russian ocupant.

    47. Bella Bijou

      I had the sweetest Rottie. But no stranger would dare enter my property without me present. I loved him so much. When he died my heart broke

    48. agra gamer

      German shephard is a dengures dog in all your dog

    49. Ömer Faruk İpek

      Kangal nerede aminakoyim

    50. Pivos2

      You forget KANGAL - the strongest bite - 740 pounds per square inch.

      1. Ömer Faruk İpek

        i am from turkey

      2. Ömer Faruk İpek

        Kangal have a friendly

      3. Ömer Faruk İpek

        Kangal is not dangerous

      4. Ömer Faruk İpek

        Kangal is not dangerous

    51. Jameez Pazza

      Some of these dogs had a nutsack on there chin Like if you agree

    52. Keylee Alejo


    53. Dj Penguin

      My friend has a massive, and it’s so nice 👍 but I can see why some types of them can be dangerous

    54. Jay Tee

      Wolf hybrid

    55. Milo Blumberg

      You said he but it could be a she

    56. Marie France Liegard


    57. BuzzyTub

      The most Dos

    58. tobias kristian

      the dogs are not dangerous because the dogs trying to get the criminals then the crims can go to prison ok viralbe

    59. snake pliskin2.0

      The most dangerous dog is my sister