Try Not To Laugh - Funny Animals Videos 2019 - Dogs Are So Weird

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    Try Not To Laugh - Funny Animals Videos 2019 - Dogs Are So Weird
    Heads up, folks. You're about to watch some craziest fails video on the internet.
    Welcome back to Life Awesome, where you can find the best, the funniest fail videos in the world. This video will contain some funny videos 2019 from AFV. Enjoy the video, and comment what you like the most. Life Awesome loves you.
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    нийтэлсэн 3 сарын өмнө


    1. Cathlene Shearon

      9:31 Opening the doors to Paradise

    2. Sebastian Ledesma

      What is 1:24’s laugh?

    3. Mom Of2JLs

      The cat n the car horn made me laugh

    4. beautiful Diamond

      So freaking funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    5. Julian Delira

      The dog said I’ll do whatever it takes to get this ball even if it involves doing a flip!

    6. Clxxy_ Mx

      1:24 what is that laugh

    7. The Deadly Wolf

      7:20 owww I think that hurts

    8. smelly jimmy


    9. MD


    10. Viral Pack

      Its cool to view your video

    11. Carla Stiefel

      I hate the one where all the pups are coming out of that building..she had the door had to be very dark in there. They were blinded by the bright light when they can out because they couldnt see. Its clearly a puppy mill

    12. Lightning

      1:23 the laugh 😂

    13. Viral Pack

      Truly liked checking out all of your clips

    14. Candy Queen

      2:35 XD

    15. Delta Dragon Clio

      2:14 - 2:35 犬は健康的です。 あなたは画面ではなく、あなたが愛するものに注意を払います。 (あなたが私である場合を除きます。その後、あなたはお尻になり、必要なすべての画面を見ることができます。)

    16. daryl fitz

      Self-serving scumbag (human) making self-serving scumbag videos while aggravating and antagonizing their dogs. 🖕

    17. Azzura Redd

      So cute

    18. ElephantDog

      The greatest love of any living thing is a dog. I do believe the word 'god' comes from the word 'dog'. In the beginning humans came across dogs during gatherings of food. As the people started dying of starvation. The remains of dog's flesh started showing up. The people started to eat dog remains. So the people of that early times said to themselves 'Let's praise the Dog's. The eye-sight of more primitive men might have seen this as 'Let's praise the God's'.? Mistaken the 'word 'dog' for the word 'god' Seeing that Eye-sight was a problem/. This does not seem silly.

    19. Viral Pack

      Its pleasure to watch your vids

    20. JP-S _CARZ

      1:24 that doesn't sound normal

    21. Ariel Makol


    22. Mikayla Shane

      Cmon lady, put down your phone and play with the DOGE!

    23. Mikayla Shane

      1:57 = when my mom lets me choose ONE toy... i cant decide :)

    24. Mikayla Shane

      *cough, cough* ummmmm i dont think dogs are weird

    25. Dogs &Cats_owner


    26. Viral Pack

      It really is amusing to view your videos

    27. Yellow Lab Adventures

      Here's a pretty funny clip of a yellow lab! @

    28. Tierra Crittenden

      9:12 my stomach during class lol

    29. Frost Fight51

      At 9:50 It made me think of my late mom who passed 2 years ago. When I was younger we had many cats and it was very much like this.

      1. Cucumber

        Frost Fight51 R.I.P

    30. Frost Fight51

      5:00 Someone pls tell me what type of dogs these are because I am wanting a puppy and they look medium sized and cute.

    31. Mr. Vincent Da Pug

      I Love you ! there I said it :)

    32. dani clarissa

      i want a pet turkey

    33. firespeed dragons

      I'll be taking one puppy thank you

    34. Viral Pack

      Quite cool video.

    35. Payton Thomas

      Lugh it's so funny

    36. Forest December

      Socks and shoes for dogs and cats should be forbidden. It's a cruelty!

    37. sammy eagleson

      1:01 *Awwwwwwwwww* he was protecting the boy💕

      1. Rohann Nerecina


    38. Viral Pack

      Very wonderful video.

    39. AllHailTheKing

      Most of these are with a dog or cat getting hurt, and people laughing at them. Or the animal is some other way in distress. I really dont see the fun in that.

    40. Stop It!


    41. Stop It!


    42. Bethel Okebaram

      I have been following life Awesome videos for long and through their funny videos I have been under their tutelage just to be able to create videos as funny as Life Awesome videos are. Now having spent long time, energy and lots of practice, i am now ready to unleash my talent, PLEASE I NEED EVERYONE TO SUBSCRIBE AND WATCH MY VIDEOS to encourage me to use more of the talent I've got. My new videos can make deaf and dumb laugh.

    43. dog training

      LOVE this video!!!

    44. Paulette and Ava HQ

      My dog is called buster💖

    45. Paulette and Ava HQ

      Omg my heart melted when the dog said i love you 💖

    46. Issac Dixon

      LOL I love this vid and show it to all my friends!

    47. Sammy Doggo

      3:38 is me when my friend says look at me

    48. Sammy Doggo

      The dog at 2:20 is like a geico dog the do not disturb mode while driving lol like if you see it 😂

    49. Boogie Dominguez

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 love

    50. Jocelyne Montes

      Cute puppies! 😍

    51. Alexis Turner

      So cute

    52. Crystal Barbe

      this is sooooo funny

    53. taylor stringer

      my dog every day

    54. Amelia Oliver

      1:23 that laugh tho

      1. Amelia Oliver

        Me when we are taking school pictures 2:39

    55. Lesley Robertson

      2:43 Me on picture day

      1. Sammy Doggo

        Lesley Robertson same

    56. s o y a r e l y


    57. Miguel Negrão Santos

      7:55 kkkkkkkk the best

      1. Soulja Jordan

        Miguel Negrão Santos kkk

    58. ĆøøkiePaws

      My dog is rolling on me lol Edit:My dog Can hug

    59. Dương Điền TV

      this is nice dog!

    60. Jason Springer

      I. Love you so much dogs and you are so cute and you are funny too much maliah said that you love this place dogs 😉🙄😉🙄🤗😉🙄😙🤗😙🤩😙😏😊😗😙