Trying DIY Clothing Hacks For Fashion Emergencies



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    Clothing tips for girls amiright? I need all the help that I can get so I'm about to try some quick fix tips by 123 Go because you know for a fact they've never led me astray..........
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    1. Lil Foxy

      I think... meh

    2. Lulu J

      The pants hack looks okay 👌!

    3. Rosario Noriega

      yes the print does work

    4. Bridgette DICKENS

      That dress looks amazing from baggy pants

    5. Real friends Only!

      I like the dress

    6. Pinkie Dash

      how did you meet Azzyland??

    7. Saige Whitaker

      is ok lol🎉

    8. Layla bug Rose

      Wow that was just wow that means amazing

    9. Sparlkin Avery

      If I saw kassie at a party with that I would walk up to kassie and say: “Is that the dress that you made out of pants in that video?”

    10. Syd's Vids

      For the skirt you could just sew it

    11. Brad Jones

      I agree it's pretty cute 🥰🥰

    12. Kynnadee Worley

      The pants turning into a dress isn’t half bad

    13. Olivia Schaefer

      The dress made out of pants, it actually looks really pretty Gloom!

    14. Avery Armstrong

      Cassie: I'm soaked but I'm ready to eat food covered in pea Me:hahahhahahahahhaaahahahhhah

    15. Avery Armstrong

      Cassie:well maybe if I had a brain u wouldn't be stepping on does in the first place Me: lol lol lol lol lol lol hahahahahahahaha

    16. Morgan and Josh

      1 like =glom looks better | | |

    17. Michelle Miller

      i hate it no ifens

    18. Jan Michel Mallbris

      Gloom you don’t need fashion tips! I think you look the best at all times!!😁😁😁

    19. Emma Taylor

      I love how gloom had about 10 different outfit changes

    20. Teresa Waite

      she looks great in the pant leg dress

    21. Emma Taylor

      No one : Me: literally dying of laughter at 7:37-7:40

    22. Emma Taylor

      I love how that cute skirt got ruined for the content but I dont blame ya.. I was laughing my head off

    23. Elena Herrera

      So cute

    24. Obsidian Gatcha

      You did the shirt wrong

    25. Matt Beavers


    26. Matt Beavers

      It look's cuat

    27. Beanne

      I tried all of them

    28. Briseida Rodriguez

      You are amazing 😍😘

    29. Shsl.weirdo_

      i tried the dress out of pants and i kinda like it :3

    30. Jeanine Carraway

      You are crazy!!!

    31. Milaina Vincent

      Yes the first dress you said the party i would be there at the party i would only be happy because your there

    32. Mercy Adedeji

      On the first dress you be looking like a ...MODEL

    33. Erin Inglis

      that dress made out of trousers is actually really cute

    34. Tami Van Sickle

      The first one is funny.

    35. Kitty Kat

      It is just the sleeve

    36. Kitty Kat

      It doesn't look that bad

    37. Sarah Miller

      i know

    38. Chloe Tietjen

      I love the pants turning in to a dress

    39. Elyse Neely-Dumas

      If I met you in real life I'd say where is Azzyland I like her more

    40. Fudge_Pudge

      I liked the 1st 1 kassie did

    41. Tom Fortey

      Happy day I’m GlOoM

    42. Srikant Kumar Padhi

      You should not drink wine

    43. William Billowitch

      Are you married?

    44. Ioan Malanca

      I think you are very beautiful that way you are.🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💔💖💘💝


      The first dress is beautiful on you .

    46. shubimukurasi


    47. Jaime Garcia

      Vanessa Plath is right


      I gloom

    49. kitty meow meow

      My mom had a bussness and when she ironed it it did work but she tried on a purse and it got ruined.

    50. Kelli Kelley

      i like the dress

    51. Ocea-Nora McClean

      The First One Is Okay.....

    52. Robin Whitman

      Looks like you are actually wearing a dress.

    53. Xander Mansell

      at 9:52 I was literally dying

    54. Frosty Gamer


    55. Yvonne Hayes

      I tried the iron print hack, little peely but on

    56. Jordyn Hillard

      I think that you look gorgeous

    57. Rylan Partlow

      Does anyone else think it’s weird she took her pants off on camera!

    58. Candice 2.0 Wilson

      I have the same stapler

    59. Family Tablet

      I like it so much 😊

    60. Mikayla Waugh

      Your first one is terrible