Unus Annus (reupload)


11мянга. үзсэн тоо53

    нийтэлсэн 24 өдрийн өмнө


    1. Nowaha

      "Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end. "

    2. LemonSpice

      bro it's just the intro so people can make edits n stuff probably calm your tits people

    3. Linny the Guinea

      To all those saying that you weren’t supposed to reupload any of the videos, true this person did. But it’s just the intro so like.... maybe chill a little bit? At least it’s not the whole video.

    4. Mr. RedJokes

      Delete this video

      1. ZappoNinja Z

        The RedJoker Sending multiple comments ain’t gonna help btw.

    5. Mr. RedJokes

      Take this down

    6. OmegaPC777

      Should this be up for more than a year, since this is a reupload?

    7. Julian Sedor

      I am keeping all of the videos but I'm not going to repost them like an asshole.

    8. Sam Hong

      Take this down

      1. AndrewDestroyer

        Jimmy Gibbs he’s not aloud to. Look in the description of One of the unus annus youtube videos

      2. Pizzaz Paz

        @Jimmy Gibbs There is a reason why it's called unus annus.

      3. CH5 1

        @Jimmy Gibbsthey will take down every reupload, probably, anyway. but i think that this little intro is okay

      4. S G

        Jimmy Gibbs shoosh

      5. Jimmy Gibbs

        I channel that deletes itself is a waste of everyones time jabroni people SHOULD be archiving this. Im actually pissed that he didn't reupload a whole video

    9. Xx ThatAnarchistDude Xx

      It was originally Markiplier's and Ethan's idea what the fuck is wrong with you?!

    10. Jorji Costava

      At least it’s not the whole video

    11. Lemurian Mapping

      Look at these dumbholes not downloading stuff of Unus Annus lmao. Its not like im going to hell or get blackmailed.

      1. Lemurian Mapping

        @TwiixBS ik

      2. TwiixBS

        Lemurian Mapping this is just the chant.

    12. Teh Experience

      boutta do this in 1080p

    13. Obama Blogs

      Not cash money of you

    14. Herbie


      1. TheBoe-Eyes

        @Herbie it's 5 seconds of barely anything

      2. Herbie

        TheBoe-Eyes It just is.

      3. TheBoe-Eyes

        What how?

    15. Derpy Nightcore

      You just did what Mark and Ethan told you not to do

      1. blank

        This is the intro only lmfao

    16. Immortallus Official

      you have broken the sacred law i shall steal one of your toes reuploads are not in the spirit of unus annus unless you plan to delete it when they delete the channel

    17. BigBadWolf2007

      But it is not but ok