Jason Nash

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    1. Jason Nash

      Jeff with the tie!?!??

      1. suraiya angel

        jeff without a shirt

      2. Penny W

        No tie. His shirt was too big around his neck. Can only disguise that by wearing the collar open.

      3. Ryan Fountain

        Nooooo tie for the love of god. No tie and two buttons open

      4. Arizandy Gorrocino

        Only in a tie😂😂

      5. Rukhsar Yousufi

        Jason Nash definitely without tie

    2. Ebony Faith

      Why does David ALWAYS have the goofiest looking smile on his face in every single thumbnail?

    3. Alisia Magallanes

      Okay but Jonah looked adorable

    4. Jman Fo

      What a life

    5. Soo Nuel Park

      Jeff 🤩🤩

    6. kady ann

      i really need yall to graduate from nashtato heads to nashed potatoes

    7. itsbansheebish

      Ilya with the wig is now Ilyannah 😂😂😂👌🏻

    8. BratzDollBella

      the way jeff looks at natalie though...🥰

    9. Sydney Morse

      The fact that Joe missed the opportunity to say "Nashed Potatoes" for Jason's channel BLOWS MY MIND

    10. Emily Gunnells


    11. Dane J

      I like that laugh "hahahahahhah" its sick

    12. Kellie McCann't

      the dramatic scene in the car sent me

    13. Ceara Bostick

      Okay I've been on a whole VS binge and I swear in the past few weeks almost every video is David and Natalie SOMETHING in every video. I use to think eh they aren't together but now, NOW I am completely convinced something's going on. 😅

    14. k pal

      Jason lost a lot weight! Good for him !

    15. Ducki O

      Jason and Jonah both look really really suave. Jeff looks pretty cute but Jason/Jonah cleaned up looking smooth af.

    16. Michael Hittu

      Jason, I knew who you were way before I knew who David was.

    17. Mon Forster

      I don’t think Jeff was offended about it being a jail joke. As someone pointed out, he still makes those jokes himself on his channel. I think he just didn’t smile because it was more of a backhanded compliment rather than a joke

    18. Cassatee

      GUYS I seriously thought his outro song sang “david I need you” “when will you be over” but then I looked up the real song and was totally wrong 😂😂

      1. Praneshan Ms

        That's hilarious 🤣

    19. JOE knows

      I'm glad u made something out of yourself you were two steps away from being a pedophile sleeping in a shopping cart under a bridge somewhere. I still think ur a joke and u try way too hard and its creepy how you hang around the young kids and u flirt and touch and drool. Ur ex Trisha looks like a dog as well. But shes atleast ur age. Like pink floyd once said LEAVE THEM KIDS ALONE

    20. Jana Dambrehte

      Cxlove this

    21. PaperHamburgers

      I need 5 more hours of Jonah playing that character

    22. blake meadows

      You need a new intro

    23. Melanie Morales

      the way jeff looks at nat oml

    24. Scarlett Eades

      no tie

    25. Megan Sky

      David looking like Jack Nicholson in the thumbnail

    26. madeline dominguez

      Jeff looks good naked with just a tie

    27. Jfreak

      Good video

    28. Nikaia Hepi

      7:19-7:25 I CANT WITH JOE OML 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️ he is somethin else..

    29. Nikaia Hepi

      When I first saw Jonahs outfit in his room I didn’t mind it, and then he went to the kitchen I saw the green. I now realise why they said he looks like a Christmas Ornament.

    30. donna Kim

      Without the tie. Jeff looks like he is going to a desk job with the tie. With the tie he looks like one of those sexy doctors on tv haha

    31. Tori Houle

      Jeff looks GREAT with the tie

    32. Alive In Love

      Who else is here because of David ? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼😬

      1. Mon Forster

        Alive In Love no I’m here for Jason

    33. Alive In Love

      I doubt anyone will see this, but I’m really trying to hit my goal of 1k subscribers, would really appreciate the like god bless 🙏🏼💛

    34. Supreme Daddy

      Bro bro

    35. SlightlyStableStephanie

      Jeff no tie. And this is an amazing freaking vlog I laughed so much..

    36. Alexis Wray

      Jonah looks like the keebler elf's grandson

    37. Noah Douglas

      Why does this man have 2 million subs. Best buy should not sell cameras people over 40.

    38. Mystical Goddess Gaming

      Hey I sleep 14 hrs all the time, yeah i do have depression, but still lol

    39. Evelyn Spence

      Yes he looks so good in a tie.

    40. Iron Bulldog

      Jonah looked like Jack Black from Jumanji

    41. Rachel Odame

      I love the jar of candy corn

    42. OurLordAndSaviour Dwight.K.Schrute

      Jeff gives me major Jared Leto joker vibes in that suit

    43. sara


    44. sara


    45. Keomii mii


    46. KexinFN

      This was in my notifications for yt and I'm not even subbed 😂

    47. Bruno Baker

      i feel like jonahs outfit helped me understand more about how his brain works

    48. Rons World

      They said Lincoln was Assassinated In 1969 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    49. Oliver Valentin

      *Sleeping 16 hours* Jason: Oh he depressed Me: ...

    50. Slothboiclique

      Okay but why is Jonah always topless? And he looked great all dressed up. Really. And he cracks me up 😂

    51. Natalia Macaione

      Te amooo

    52. Jack Surette

      11:00 December 2nd 1963 Ik it because it was 10 days before my dad was born

    53. Aaliyah Marie

      Jonah looking like Alan from the hangover lol

    54. Aaliyah Marie

      Aw Jonah looks so cute & happy about his outfit 😂❤️

    55. Amee C

      The only thing I look forward to in life is his vlogs.

    56. Carlo Hernandez

      Zayn with the San Marcos, Texas shirt 😤👌🏻

    57. Aoife Boggans

      I knew it was Hailee Steinfeld

    58. Josh Howes

      Why does Jason always look like he just woke up 😂


      Jonah looks like he owns a bootleg Jurassic park

    60. GodForgiveUs

      What kinda sunglasses are those jason?