We Tried To Re-Create This Giant 30-Pound Burger • Eating Your Feed • Tasty



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    “Rie’s crying because she can’t believe how good it is!”
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    1. Scythe Keeper

      When tasty doesn’t want another copyright strike so they re-create one of their videos.

    2. Ties Wellhüner

      Bread be like: YEEast

    3. Mohammed Nizamuddin Akbar

      Don't know about other episodes from these guys but in this episode they are acting like total assholes

    4. Ibuki

      Niki is a ugly fat bitch

    5. stan ab6ix

      my favorite part of this is when niki is crying, like i felt that

    6. Lgthrfwy Ggr

      making it bigs burger is adverts eating your feeds version is reality

    7. Lazy DPR

      I am so okay with this burger (coz they tend to be sloppy looking) but when that top bun got flopped on.... i suddenly cried laughing

    8. FoieGras

      That...actually looks BETTER (to eat) than Alvin's! That bun looks especially delectable 🤤

    9. Mystical Wonder

      This is officially the best episode ever

    10. Infractum Animo

      Andrew is like a genius villain...

    11. Infractum Animo

      Let's all admit it, Rie is everyone's bestfriend.

    12. Elizabeth Loschiavo

      I am appalled at the state of that burger

    13. Elizabeth Bubello

      I feel like this is the exact same thing as Alvins besides they don’t know what they’re doing

    14. James Lo

      Andrew needs to surround himself with another Asian since Steven went to the Watcher 😂😅😭

    15. Alyssa P

      no meat burger?????

    16. Meggy C

      As a vegetarian I appreciate this

    17. musicalpanda10

      Imagine if Alvin reacted to this😂😂

    18. Mad max

      The Ultimate Burger lets see how many likes i can get in a word of that

    19. Mad max

      The two watching Alvin Alvin: hey guys why you watching me huh? Rie : 👀 he heyy Alvin you can hear us Alvin : yeah why Rie : the two is making a big burger too Alvin : ohhh can i taste🍔🍔 The two : 👀😱

    20. Breeze Sammy

      So when the three of them bited the burger andrew ate a salad

    21. Your Very Gay Dad

      All the vegetarians look away

    22. Topsyturvy10


    23. Audhal H

      Half of the video is just Andrew saying : „just like Alvin did“

    24. blue-chaos96 striker

      How about using a super hot iron?

    25. Commander Josh

      I prefer Alvin's big burger then THIS

    26. zerojit morningstar

      Make fluffy- jiggly cheese cake


      14:46 wow bad cut

    28. The_ Aufklärungspanzer_V

      Burger cake

    29. Graham R

      it looks like you took a burger, and than put it in a hydraulic press.

    30. GD Chris/Regret4fall

      You lost me at fake meat 😂😂

    31. gerardo perez

      These people are actually copying themselves 🤦‍♂️😂

    32. Daniel John

      “I’m a baker”-Andrew

    33. Rena Dango

      I need this burger in my life.

    34. AJ

      Who else read patty time as party time?

    35. Mirian V

      Why is the girl being so annoying and negative

    36. Bunny Cortland

      This video embodies the chaos that we love about eating your feed

    37. Steve Medinas

      I laughing so HARDDD ITS SO UGLY 😂 at least you tried

    38. Dumpling Doodle

      When it said "patty time" i thought it said "party time" and I was just like HELL YA 😂

    39. Angel Bray

      Me: *cringes at the relish*

    40. corrie sacdalan

      I just saw how much raw beef they got and i thought of what the cashier was thinking when they saw a line of raw beef coming towards them.🤣😂

    41. GAMESTER

      Alvins version was better'

    42. Aryan Hemmat

      the kind of things i watch at 5:00am

    43. Queenstown

      Tasty: Makes viral vid of burger Also Tasty: I'll fuckin' do it again

    44. Sandra Arroyo

      Is no one else gonna comment about how nikki went like "onioyeyeyeyens" 9:29

    45. Val Garcia

      Rie is top tier waifu material

    46. Holly Lin

      *”Rie is crying because she can’t believe how good it is”*

    47. carol ramos

      since it is a fake meat burger I dont wanna watch it anymore, bye guys

    48. Dilara A

      We all know Andrew, Adam is your very best friend 🥰😎 You love him 😉 Rie is your bestfriend too and i think Niki your bff too👯‍♀️

    49. Night Glower

      It’s funny how much chaos is happening at the end 😂

    50. Ty Handsom

      Still not better than Alvin's

    51. Dilip Saha

      Why don't you make Chinese roll wrapper??

    52. RahmadianFi ST

      You Need Call The Alvin

    53. Royanna Francisco

      niki 's face in the thumb nail tho😂😂

    54. Roli Moli Girka Joshi

      That's one big burger.

    55. Dhruv Suman


    56. Jade Obsession

      i wonder how much food gets wasted from stuff like this

    57. itS aN aVAcaD0 tHaNKs!

      This is a perfect burger 🍔 to give that guys on the show Driver Divans and Dines 😂😂😂

    58. Macy Taco

      I love how Andrew and Nikki play numbers and act like elementary school baking prodigies. None of my friends will play numbers with me 😢

    59. Gregorius Pudya

      tasty : what a giant burger! . . . Epic Meal Time : hold my fckin' 64,538 calories of 84 cheeseburger cheeseburger!!

    60. Abubakr

      Make 30 pound burger Alvin : hold my spatula