Welcome to the Hotel Hell - The Office (Digital Exclusive)

The Office

The Office

17мянга. үзсэн тоо168

    Fun fact: Hotel Hell pays $6,666 dollars a month, and Dwight (Rainn Wilson) is more than happy with that.
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    The multi-award-winning comedy series "The Office" presents a hilarious documentary-style look at the humorous, and sometimes poignant, foolishness that plagues the 9-to-5 world. Based on the award-winning BBC hit, "The Office" is a fly-on-the-wall "docu-reality" parody of modern American office life that delves into the lives of the workers at Dunder Mifflin, a paper supply company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
    Welcome to the Hotel Hell - The Office (Digital Exclusive)
    The Office

    нийтэлсэн 11 сарын өмнө


    1. Yrok24

      The captions ruin the effect of the scene completely

    2. Bella Yaroschak

      That was so funny with the captions

    3. Lain Lain

      Why I like the office with this editing? Am I the only one?

      1. shutout king


    4. Brian Foo

      Why don't you put a laugh track in it

    5. Žilvinas Gudžinskas

      Gangsta sallary

    6. Jamie G

      Stop the edits. Seriously stop it.

    7. Jose Hernandez

      This is terrible. Please stop, you’re taking away from the greatness of the show with these annotations and sound effects

    8. Fandom Fancy

      Feels more like a fan video then something that should be released on the official office yt channel

    9. batbatbat 10

      Everyone here saying that the annotations and the sound effects ruined the video, but personally for me it made the video funnier. Idk just my strange opinion I guess.

    10. Elise B

      This ain't it

    11. batgurrl

      Hell convention LOL

    12. Michael Huynh

      Why would Dwight think telling Jim his alleged salary would help his case?

      1. The Noisy Spectator

        @Michael Huynh - Well, the whole point of Dwight's fantasy scenario is to rub Jim's nose in the fact that Dwight will soon be his boss... Or, in Dwight's view of the world, Jim's Lord and Master!

      2. The Noisy Spectator

        @Just A Random Dood - Exactly, that is not so much.

      3. Michael Huynh

        @The Noisy Spectator That's BESIDE the point! It's just like what Jim said, in Dwight's OWN FANTASY where he could be WHATEVER HE WANTS TO BE, he STILL DECIDES TO BE 2ND STRING TO SOMEONE! That's like having a fantasy where you're God, but you still have a bedtime.

      4. The Noisy Spectator

        And honestly, $80,000 a year isn't that much for such a position; especially for all the customers he'd have to accommodate.

    13. Aqib.A.C

      I mean, I like that the folks running this channel want to add something, but I feel like this addition in particular just takes away from what The Office is trying to do altogether.

    14. s_lx

      I freaking love it! 😂👍😭😂

    15. fruity.pink.grape

      Y'all need to calm down. This video is great and so is the original one. Stop hating it because you see other people hating it

    16. Aqib.A.C

      I don't entirely get why this is a thing.

    17. SAROM KH TV


    18. sirDomo 4


    19. K Batt

      I hate all this added nonsense.

    20. War-Dog 333


    21. Nancy

      Is this a lyric video?

    22. Mahir Şamil

      original is better

    23. Derek 478

      This sucks

    24. Pallavi Singh


    25. Akaash Chandra

      nah bruh

    26. Ruffey

      The reason The Office works is because it's so drab, but the acting and writing shines on that backdrop. So no, we don't need fancy sound effects and annotations.

      1. L'e Potao

        That's true, but if you want to watch the regular office you can, at least this is fresh and new.

      2. Ajb2nice

        I like it either way. The good thing is you can go on Netflix and watch it without the added “fancy sound effects and annotations”

      3. LiLMusicBunny

        Its not that we dont "NEED" the editing..they didn't permanently change the original version..its just an alternative for those who appreciate the epic editing..n ofc ppl who like this version also love the original..

      4. El Be

        I like it because I've already seen the Office and this is an extra thing lol This would not work in the Office yes, luckily its a youtube video about it. I like these.

      5. rbesfe

        @LiLMusicBunny people are allowed to criticize, you spoon

    27. TheBrownMan

      The original scene is much better let’s be honest

    28. AppIe Saucy

      The sound effects and words and everything felt cheesy, thanks I hate it

    29. Barbara Piela


      1. Shreyash Chinchore

        Calculate his monthly salary

      2. The Noisy Spectator

        For Co+owning a b&b in hell with Satan, that is not much of a salary.

    30. Jay

      Thanks I hate it...

      1. Angrynoodle Twenty Five

        yeah though I liked the one with the phyllis and stanleys trees that one was pretty fun

    31. Connor Thompson

      Feel like this ruins it

    32. spngirl55

      oh hey Dwight....

    33. sonradiant

      This is beautiful

    34. SirDrFish

      Jim Jim Jim

      1. The Car Wash Fanatic

        It’s my greatest dream Come true.

      2. Pallavi Singh

        I'm gonna be your new boss

      3. shiv 421 kobra

        Oh, Hey Dwight

      4. Ahmad

        Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim