When Celebrities Get Jealous In Public!


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    These are some of celebrities' jealous moments!
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    In this video I commentate moments in which celebrities appear to be caught in an act of jealousy. We all get jealous sometimes, even celebrities! Hope you enjoy the video :)
    People mentioned in this video: Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and more!

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    1. f b

      What kinda disrespectful cunt leans in your personal space to hold a conversation, you people are to nice i would have looked at her and said hey can you get the fuck away from me!

    2. Chhan Tea

      Ur voice suck

    3. haitham baloch

      After reading comments of girls They all want to he hoes without their men being mad at them

    4. Mocking Bird

      Barck?? 🤦🏻‍♀️

    5. Chaaarbz

      lmao you sound like fez from that 70s show

    6. Ayen zzz

      All you girls saying Beyonce is way too hot for Jay Z low-key jealous coz you can't get Jay Z , girls will be girls always tryna throw shade at people who have something they can't

    7. Michael Angelo

      I no can understand a word ju say...

    8. Nishant Narang

      #Shawn ???

    9. Basic Tessyii

      Just because Justin didn’t know Shawn mendes doesn’t mean that he’s jealous man and plus just because Shawn mendes doesn’t know the song sorry doesnt mean his jealous either so I don’t think that was necessary

    10. leoninc

      Yup, bad moments!

    11. Edward Muimi

      His voice tho....😂

    12. Gerardo Carrillo

      Dfuq did I just watch?

    13. Daniel Parker

      Nothing wrong with being jealous over your spouse as long as you don’t act like a maniac.

    14. Golden All freedom

      Justin is jealousy of the weeknd and weeknd doesn’t mind

      1. Golden All freedom

        Carlos Nunez The Weeknd is more than artist .

      2. Carlos Nunez

        Golden All freedom justin is much hotter

    15. Azemracso

      What the fuck does Beyonce see in jay z's ugly ass ?

    16. Aadhya Reddy

      Team Shawn obviously 🤗

    17. irish sarol

      That's normal

    18. KRiX

      everybody: Justin, what's the best song right now? Justin: starboy, phaahhahahahahahah!! 🤣

    19. asterisk userrocks123

      Well I mean we already know about bey Is jealous . All her songs are about him. She even has a song named "jealous" about him.

    20. jacob suren

      Stop giving voice over ...its very irritating

    21. Mariah Ontiveros

      Beyonce said hi bitch

    22. Matón Castrejón

      Lmao the Barack was the best

    23. Jamileth Nunez

      Michelle wasnt jealous. They were in a funeral

    24. freepotatoez

      I mean Hov cheated on Bey so he should expect to lose a little of his partner’s trust after that

    25. Cjay Alfonso

      This dude sounds like the guy in the Daily dose of internet.. Or are they the same?

    26. Chanté Fourie

      Lol I will never flirt with Jay z lolz

    27. Sehun Min

      i had the same 5th grade teacher Victoria had years ago

    28. pekileki83

      Vidi ga Toma 🤣

    29. terex topia

      Oh comeon leave these ppl alone you assholes

    30. DJaySplitSecond

      Michelle was mad as hell lol

    31. beep beep

      This guy sounds like jason from the good place

    32. Cloouder N

      Did fez narrate this

    33. Freddy A

      I think we’re ALLL

    34. The Roman

      Why do you have to narrate? Stfu with your stupid accent.

    35. FelixBlue4

      when will Justin Bieber be better than The Weekend in any way ?

      1. Sarah Smiles

        FelixBlue4 still trying to figure that out 😂

    36. Ej Isloco

      It was a probably cold night for Jay-Z that evening.

    37. Aseel Almutairi

      U sound like Jaison from the good place show

    38. fashion lover

      Victoria just makes me laugh 😂😂😂😂

    39. Eric Jennings

      Oh shit celebrities are people too!?

    40. Soukaina Na

      Justin has no manners

    41. Soukaina Na

      OMG that Ariana and Victoria thing surprised me

    42. Camila duh

      "I think ALL OF" them are jealous 😂

    43. Karla López

      Haha im on Shawn's side..

    44. Mr. Carey Collection

      CubeHub1 you need sleep it sounds like you need it

    45. Amanda Phillips

      "That lil nudge gave me life" my guy,that's some funny shit😂👏👏

    46. Rebecca Howell

      Justin Bieber was just salty asf 🤷

    47. maire 14

      Nobody likes a hater for no reason..

    48. Kavishka Lakshan

      Who is shawn mendes 💔😂

      1. aduo keditsu

        @Kavishka Lakshan rofl.. And i want to know you 😂😂

      2. Kavishka Lakshan

        @aduo keditsu world famous nerd ✨️😂

      3. aduo keditsu

        Who is justin bieber?? 😝😝

    49. Skyprincess 1995

      To be honest it would not surprise me at all if Ariana acted just like Jenette Mcurdy portrayed her in that video

      1. noemistephanie93

        Agree. Ariana does seem like a self absorbed bitch

    50. Basmah Jb

      Justin really didnt know who is shawn cause he wasnt popular but shawn was 100percent lying who doesnt know this song😂

      1. David

        You know that he made a joke ?

    51. Vishaal Venugopal

      Shawn has bollocks and is real with it....jb a pussy who supported Logan Paul

    52. André DH

      why would Beyoncé be jealous? I mean... she BEYONCÉ

      1. noemistephanie93

        Doesnt mean she's not human, she aint God

    53. Paulina Contreras

      And this is why I hate Justin Bieber

    54. sophia wöhrle

      Where is louis being jealous of ppl around Harry tho..

      1. winter fries

        @Daniel Budik let me rephrase, fans, songs, and this channel doesn't even feature you too tho

      2. Daniel Budik

        @winter fries what does subs have to do with anything?. I made this account to download songs I like and comment occasionally, not to gain subs.

      3. winter fries

        @Daniel Budik you call that as dead careers? more like a channel with 43 subs, pretty dead

      4. Daniel Budik

        This channel doesn't feature irrelevant z-list washed up celebrities with dead careers,sorry

      5. winter fries

        I'm just at the beginning of the video and that's my point

    55. Kylie Smith

      Is that Becky with the good hair

    56. abcd efgh


    57. K C

      The Victoria and Ariana one is bullshit and you all know it. So annoying.

    58. Christina Esquivel Ibarra

      That last clip of Khloe screaming saved my life.

    59. Kayra S.

      “liaaaaaar” had me dead

    60. baby 1

      Beyonce is right. Always thought she was too good for him...