Why Isn’t White Castle A Fast-Food Giant?



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    White Castle is widely considered to be the first hamburger fast-food chain in the United States. It's famous for small, cheap hamburger sliders and its role in the 2004 stoner comedy "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle." Despite its notoriety, the brand has a limited footprint in the Midwest and Northeast. So why is White Castle not nearly as big as rivals like McDonald's and Burger King?
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    Why Isn’t White Castle A Fast-Food Giant?

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    1. Willie

      The "burgers" are not cheap, I think its horrid.

    2. V E

      Dam wish they'd come back to my area

    3. Jon 309

      Harold and Kumar :)

    4. MizAnn Wells

      There is one about 15 min from me

    5. Losaiko Vote!!!

      I miss White Castle burgers. I really don't like frozen White Castle burgers in grocery stores.

    6. Henry Sandoval

      Looks good but at least we got in & out in Cali 🔥

    7. Mercenary 4DaArtist

      We have White Castle all over the place in Detroit...

    8. Matthew

      Its gross thats why!

    9. Jesse García Jiménez

      They should open one in Sacramento California

    10. Hasan Zuhairy

      tl;dr: 1) they didn’t go public, and 2) they didn’t franchise. I just saved you 18 minutes.

    11. santo jose

      Im from the Bronx where I ues to pay my white Castle burger at 550 E Fordham Rd, The Bronx, NY 10458 The best White Castle burger they should put in in every state and every country

    12. HellequinMusic

      Wayyyy better than Krystal. Wish they had more White Castles in the South East and Florida. Bring back the chicken bacon ranch sliders pleaseeee..those were godly.

    13. John Walton

      I love White Castle, but they don't love me!

    14. Humbuggie

      I loved how White Castle was the first fast food chain to have plant based options.

    15. Brian Vinson

      Lol good going down not so good coming out!

    16. SoppyBottomBoys

      You forgot the biggest fact. If you eat nothing but White Castle. You'll lose so much weight because of all the diarrhea

    17. Azian2DaMax

      Open one in LA already god dammit.

    18. Glenn Davis

      SMART, SMART SMART - White Castle has always been in it for the Marathon not the sprint - It's not always about Greed but Loyalty to the their customer. Well done.

    19. Hugo Garza

      I love white castle...and im from South Texas

    20. Mac Dreezy

      They look nasty

    21. Daniel Jones

      I love White Castle, but they do have a cleanliness problem.

    22. Loren Moore

      I grew up on white castle as a child in Columbus Ohio. I love them still. Anytime I am in the area I eat White Castle most of the time. I do buy them from the freezer section when back in California.

    23. Benjamin Wagner

      I want to go one

    24. Bill Nye

      Shows north east. Says mid west.

    25. Your Momma

      To expensive now

    26. Jeff Miletich

      The White Castle breakfast sandwich is better than all the other fast food breakfast sandwiches- way better than the Egg McMuffin- at least the White Castle eggs look like real eggs!

    27. Omar Benitez

      So ironically they don't sell em anymore in Kansas even though it started there in Wichita KS ... Wichita started some good old fast food chains ,Pizza hut and white castle

    28. Sean Doxtator

      Please come to Canada London Ont

    29. James Reynolds

      We don't have white castle here so we make our own

    30. electrikoptik

      Here in Nigeria we have local restaurant called Black Castle.

    31. Jonny Terry

      😂😂@14:00 dude almost lost his precious burgers 😂😂

    32. TiCTAC2930

      Dammmmmn, I want some White Castle burgers now.

    33. Suffian Kamara

      I was literally just thinking why tf aint it a white 🏰 in D.C.....they would make so much damn money

    34. vinni3c

      Austin Texas please!!

    35. WilliAm Vaquedano

      Please come back to Miami we want yallll back yalll willl make money noww..we miss yallll😫😫😫😫

    36. FF18Cloud

      So basically White castle was what Supreme is based off of Model-wise... Less supply -> increased demand

    37. Jason Bean

      There was a White Castle briefly in Tampa at the intersection of Busch Boulevard and 56th Street. It was soon bought out by competitor Royal Castle, which eventually closed due to road widening. No such hamburger joint exists in Tampa anymore. Except maybe Krystal’s.

    38. Scrobacca

      Yeah, their concept for bringing White Castle to Las Vegas was poorly thought out. Their test market was during the Las Vegas Foodie Fest, which primarily caters to locals. Then they opened a location on the strip...which yes, has lots of foot traffic, but completely ignores the Las Vegas locals. It's not easy to get to, and there's no drive thru. Had they put it across the street from UNLV, their revenue would be much higher and their brand recognition in the city would explode.

    39. unrelenting chemistry

      i agree with there model of business once a company goes public so dose quality most of the times


      Yeah, I'm sure that's what "White" in the title meant in the 20's...

    41. b harty

      because the frozen grocery store version of White Castle tastes exactly the same..

    42. DangerDave

      It's gross food made by exconvicts.

    43. Camaro Drag Racing Second Generation

      Their is nothing like a fresh White Castle.

      1. Threeper %

        Horrible!!! My dog wont eat that trash.

      2. electrikoptik

        There indicates a place as in, "I live here not there." It is the opposite of here. Their is the possessive of they, as in "They live there but it isn't their house." Here you want to indicate that the house belongs to them.

    44. Tyler Hughes

      The owner probably doesn't want to invest any money in making more restaurants/making restaurants in more states

    45. Proud Gemini 1992

      Stopped at White Castle in Phillipsburg NJ and had the brisket sliders. They were alright, nothing to ride home about.

    46. Danny Lockridge

      Love to see one open in Georgia🇺🇸

    47. gregory hatton

      White castle does not have franchise stores ... all are corporate owned and they are very financially conservative

    48. Andrew Owens

      I went to White Castle once when I was visiting family in Illinois it would be nice to have one in Seattle

    49. Doug Life

      Bring the franchise to Connecticut, you'd make a killing. I use to eat entire crave cases in NYC, half cheese, half plain. The frozen ones don't do these sliders enough justice.

    50. Hapa man

      Panda hut is Family owned they have Giant Franchise but nobody is allowed to buy store's

    51. Kenyon Hall

      Anybody heard of krystals?

      1. gregory hatton

        southern version of White Castle

    52. Tony Perez

      Ghetto ass neighbourhoods was the reason and of course super cheap food and late night hours brought out not soo goid people to bad, burgers were good ;)

    53. Jason Caulfield

      Come to New Orleans please

    54. TechSys Engineer

      Gotta respect their business model... "yeah we could sell out - but f- that, we're doing it our way & we're happy with that"

    55. Jayce241

      I really want white castle in California, in and out is overrated.

      1. alphavegas1

        White Castile sucks balls.

    56. Leonidas The Great

      White Castle in Tampa Florida WAS the bomb.

    57. Indrid Cold

      White Castle will be one century old next year! It is not every restaurant that turns 100 years old! Give credit where credit is due! The White Castle centennial is coming!

    58. Quickordoa's Outside Living

      They always tasted really bad to me.

    59. Eclipse The Producer

      you know scarcity is one of the best marketing practices to this day. thats why a white castle burger is so special, when you grab a bite it just takes you to a happy place because you dont always get to have it. we always want what we cant have or have all the time or everywhere. this tactic will immortalize white castle. pretty soon one white castle burger will have the same value as gold. i am curious to see the stats for 2004 tho since harold and kumar came out that year just curious if it helped raise sales or not

    60. john spinosa

      Love them Bronx bugers!!!